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  1. Thanks for your help. I will certainly donate in a moment if I can get this working the way it should. "taskbar transparecy is achieved by turning on a setting in Settings/Personalization/Colors." I turned on "Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent", but it does nothing. It still appears as a black bar and the wallpaper below cannot be seen. Turned on: Turned off: It still appears as a black bar "Also, you are using TH2 (10586), latest stable build is RS1 (14393)." How do I switch this? I installed the theme you told me (installing the uxstyle thing before hand). It does nothing either. The theme doesn't show up in the Themes list. Edit: I did manage to install the aero themes you suggested, but whichever I select, it looks like crap, and nothing at all like Windows 7. The taskbar is Windows 10-style intact, and according to the theme screenshots on deviantart, it should look exactly like Windows 7 itself. I did install the themes for 10586 version. Also: Every time I load a new session a popup with Aero Glass Information (serial number etc.) appears. This is also annoying. Can this be disabled?
  2. I just installed Aero Glass for Windows 10, and it has changed almost nothing. No taskbar transparency, no transparent borders, no rounded borders at the corners, no windows 7-style buttons. All it did was add color to the bar and buttons at the top of each windows. I did verify that I installed the correct version. Take a look. How do I get it to work? Also, that "Aero Glass for Win 8.1 / http://www.glass8.eu" text really annoys me. How do I remove it?
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