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  1. I couldn't, the backups with scanreg were damaged (weird), but WinRescue worked great! And thanks again for the info, so only usp3 for now on.
  2. Don't know what happened, but i had to restore the registry with WinRescue and reinstall some drivers afterwards, i had a lot of troubles with the usb ports to work again and now im testing new downloads, looks everything cool now. Btw what is better Ap2007+Ap2008up or U98sesp3, because this last one is smaller.
  3. The worst just happened hahaha, new downloads got corrupted immediatly, looks like scandisk just found some errors, im running it right now, hoping it fixes everything, i don't remember doing anything so harmful to the file system
  4. Thanks! And yeah, my Linksys modem still kicking with WPA connection and browsing with Opera, Firefox and K-meleon, it rules! And i just upgraded to 1.5GB RAM again
  5. *this is my design* so far, please ignore the background hehe, i just got this 17" monitor but now im looking for something better in lcd. Btw yea there are now patches for running smoothly nfs4 in xp and higher but its the w98 feeling what we need right? And about the less is better i agree, but like now i have the possibility for buying everything i couldnt in time, i need to enjoy it
  6. Hello guys, thanks for the fast responses! Everything was cool, the BIOS options, the full acceleration and the drivers, but the problem was KernelEx!, i just disable it for the app and it worked like a charm! awesome fps, i played a race and the pc crashed hehe, i think it's just w98 things, hope it won't happen again, but like i have tons of apps and games, i need to check now the problem, btw my ram stick it's 400mhz i put it wrong in my first post and it really matters with the processor and video card. Any upgrade to my computer you recommend? I'm getting a 3.5" sound blaster drive, a 3.5" zip drive and a big lcd monitor.
  7. Hello guys, i need some help with my pc, it has the following specs: Windows 98SE with Unofficial SP3 and KernelEX. 80GB HDD ATI Radeon 9550 256MB AGP 1GB RAM 333MHZ Motherboard Asrock 775i65g rev 1.0 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.9GHZ 1066FSB in LGA775 and other stuff like Linksys WIFI modem, internal DVD writer, external HP CD-RW writer, internal 3com LAN card, frontal USB and card reader, full atx case, DELL SK-8135 USB multimedia keyboard, HP Optical USB Mouse. The problem its that games like Need for Speed High Stakes look choppy? (like lag dunno the word) even in 640*480 resolution, what could be wrong. I installed a patch for more than 1gb ram and it only worked with 1.5Gb so i removed the 512MB stick and left just the 1gb stick. Also it has 2 partitions and the other one with XP in NTFS.

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