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  1. I already tried setting IP acquisition on the W98 machine as automatic, didn't work. I don't know, it's my aunt's old PC. I think it's a custom built Pentium 4. On the front panel there is a Pentium 4 Inside sticker, but dxdiag says I have a Pentium 3. Weird. For the netbootdisk, I assume that it needs a floppy disk. I don't have one of those and the drive isn't working, so I just burned the files folder from the bootdisk zip onto a CD. Then I put my win98 startup CD and booted into DOS, then I put in the netbootdisk CD with the files, and autoexec.bat just gave a bunch of errors. I don't think that's gonna work. I'm using Windows 98 SE. I probably know what is the problem. There is a weird situation with the drivers. My motherboard is a U8668-D and version 7.0, it say so on the motherboard. I realised that this mobo has a VIA VT6103, not a RTL 8139. I somehow installed RTL 8139 drivers, and it worked. I think I downloaded those drivers from here http://www.biostar-usa.com/mbdetails.asp?model=u8668. As you can see this is the u8668, not the u8668-d. For some reason now it says that the LAN adapter is RTL 8100B, not a RTL 8139. I uninstalled the RTL 8139 and tried installing the VIA VT6103 drivers from here http://www.biostar-usa.com/mbdownloads.asp?model=U8668 D, but it said "Cannot find proper NIC, press OK to continue. Then I found another biostar site http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=245 Here you can select the version of the motherboard, but 7.0 is not listed! This is definitely a problem with the drivers. I don't know where to download proper drivers. Like I said, this most likely a problem with the drivers.
  2. The laptop can ping the win98 machine, and I get this : Reply from (censored): Destination host unreachable. The router had DHCP enabled all along.
  3. Tried that, nothing happened...
  4. I pinged and my WIN98 machine IP and both got a response. I don't want to post that information. I have a laptop that I connected the same cable to. The internet is working there. I checked the settings and everything was the same as the win98 machine except the last bit of the IP of course.
  5. Hello I am using Windows 98 (nostalgia reasons) and I can't for get the internet working. My motherboard has a built-in ethernet adapter called Realtek RTL 8139/810X. I successfully installed the drivers for it and in the device manager it says "this device is working properly". When I connect the cable from my router the light on the adapter lights up. Then I set up a static IP, and yes I set the TCP/IP to the adapter in network options. And I still can't connect to the internet. What do I do?
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