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  1. Hi, Noel How do you make a theme atlas? Can I have a sample .png and .png.layout file? I would like to contribute to this more! Take Care!
  2. Ultra Uxtheme Patcher 3.17 is a virus. My antivirus software told me that and it causes Windows Breakdown. Could someone give me a template .png file and a .png.layout file for a new theme atlas
  3. Thank you for using my theme atlas, if you want to contact me, please contact me via deviantart about the theme, You can sign up for deviantart for FREE! If you want the windows 7 one on its own visit: Windows Vista/7 Theme atlas for Windows 10.14393 If you want the Titlebar on modern apps follow instructions on it, When downloading Aero Glass, tick protect Aero Glass by adjusting access permissions for Titlebar on modern apps. Ultra Uxtheme Patcher 3.17 is a virus, damages desktop but Ux style theme patcher is not a virus, it makes themes work with Aero Glass.
  4. This theme for windows 8.1 and 10 and 10.14393 can be found at http://win7tbar.deviantart.com/
  5. I have got as close as I can to this and here are my results and here are the files I used. win8rp - Copy.png.layout
  6. I've had a go at making one and that is how the theme atlas came out. Can you make the minimise, maximise, close etc... buttons white but the rest being transparent so it is like the windows 7 win8rp - Copy.png.layout
  7. Hi, I am looking for the windows 7 Theme Atlas that's compatible with windows 10.14393 (windows 7rp) I need the .png file and the .png.layout file
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