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  1. Hello again , I've continued experimenting with this issue on my laptop that uses an ATi 320M chipset and an AThlonXP Mobile1800Mhz . Again , in Win98SE clean install with the newest drivers I get around 15 minutes for SuperPI 8M and in WinXP around 13 minutes .
  2. I using a WD 80GB ATA100 Drive w/ 8MB Cache DMA is ON . HDD-Tach is showing a Transfer Rate Graph between 60MB/sec and 30MB/sec . The graph is clean ,no spikes , so the drive runs normaly . The Average Read Rate is 50MB/sec with 9% CPU utilisation. So it's not the HDD . Also ... I thought that "CPU Microcode" section in BIOS is only related to the functional specification of a new revision of the CPU like : the new name of the CPU , the multiplier and FSB setting and the voltage .
  3. Just read my post ... I was using KT266A when I started testing this issue . Now I'm using NF2 . Also , I was using , what VIA calls Win98SE optimised drivers , that's 4.43 version . Also I've tried with the latest Hyperion but still the same ...
  4. Hello everybody, I'm back with the same problem . Sure I'm using the latest nVIDIA drivers on a clean Win98SE instal with Unoficial SP 2.1 still when I benchmark in WinXP (SP1 or 2 it doesn't matter) I get a score around 8 minutes for calculatin SuperPI 8M while in Win98SE I get around 13 minutes . That's a huge 62% slower in Win98SE . Why ? It can't be the drivers , I'm using the latest ones . It can't be a patch that I've forgot to apply , I'm using Unoficial SP2.1 . I'm sure it's about a specific procesor driver as only WinXP comes with K7.sys and K6.sys and Win98SE doesn't but the problem is no more if an Intel CPU is involved. Yes, I've benchmarked a system with a Celeron 3 (a Coppermine derived Celeron) in Win98SE and WinXP and the results are quite close . Why ? Because there is a Pentium driver in Win98 . Also , I was benchmarking on a KT266A before and I using an Abit NF7-S 2.0 now . So it can't be a particularity of the chipset or mainboard.
  5. Although in the featuire list DCOM98 is present . When I install Norton Internet Security 2005 it says DCOM98 is required ... Of course I have the Unofficial SP1.62 installed ... If I stop NIS2005's instalation and install the DCOM98 pack from Microsoft ... then the NIS2005 instalation will develop normal . What's the problem ? Is there a prolem ... or it's something I'm doing wrong ? Gongratulations for your work . The SP is very usefull for me . Thank You ! Have a nice day !
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