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  1. Sto usando il tool win6x_registry_tweak per poter sbloccare i pacchetti nascosti che in default su dism non sono visibili...cosa non hai capito ?
  2. jaclaz,ma vai a fare in culo.
  3. I recompiled win6x_registry_tweak under visual studio 2017 ,but the output error is always the same
  4. Is this awesome tool still works on Windows 10 [Version 10.0.16299.15] ?
  5. Hi there guys. Im running dism with win6x_registry_tweak to unlock the full list of packages inside my mounted install.wim . The problem is that i can't get in my list windows defender yet,but why ? Is win6x_registry_tweak not working properly for the purpose to unlock the full list of packages also on windows 7 ?
  6. install_wim_tweak_NET4.6.exe is the same as install_wim_tweak.exe ??? i've download install_wim_tweak.exe ,after i've run it and i haven't found in my dism packeges list : windows defender . Im working on windows 7 via Dism.

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