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  1. Couple of Problems (WTF Happened to All My CPU?, I'm the Admin and

    there is no amd cpu driver for windows 7 or vista its built into the os
  2. if he used his own tool whats to say he hasnt optimized it for xp and not vista/w7 a load of tosh and piffle
  3. Moving Files at Incredible Speed

    terracopy definately replaces default windows copy dialogue i use it with great success and i believe it has resume support if needed
  4. Vista Basic and Flash drives

    totally, NOT, D_block! Win98 and WinVista are totally different OSes. I have a Dell E1405 laptop w/ pre-installed Vista home basic edition (now updated to SP1) and connected a 4Gb Sony MicroVault USB Flash drive and the usb flash drive worked flawlessly. the guy was being sarcastic
  5. wireless networking

    hi all im using an Atheros AR5005G mini pci card in my laptop and the laptop x64 drivers are vastly superior to the windows x32 versions my signal is a constant strong 54mb signal anywhere in the house. its wierd but the drivers must be better.
  6. [LAN] ICS and network bridge

    there is no complexity with a router many nowadays detect your isp setting for you so all you have to do is put in your username and password. windows ICS is rubbish full stop it is a pian in the derrier to set up and when it works it usually stops after a reboot and never works again. i would really consider a router youll find it no harder, and all your machines will still be networked.
  7. [LAN] ICS and network bridge

    get a router, theres no excuse now if you dont need wireless ya can get a router from maplins for 30 quid.