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  1. Batch Edit Folder Templates?

    Yeah, that doesn't really solve my issue though. I don't need a program like that at all. Those "database"/"library" programs are totally worthless to me as most of them have horrible search functions. I actually have one already that isn't very aesthetically pleasing, but I can basically filter by genre or whatever based on the mp3 tags. That's the ONLY thing I need with one of those. At best, all they can do is organise the file folders, but they can't set the templates or anything like that... They also have a very annoying tendency of "fixing" totally screwing up my mp3 tags with what it THINKS is the correct information, even when I set them to p*** off and not change my tags, they do it anyway and make them wrong.
  2. Batch Edit Folder Templates?

    I guess that's a no then? I don't mean to bump but usually at least somebody responds with an "I don't know" or something within a week's time...
  3. So here's what I'm going through now. I have about 125 Gb of music on my computer. This is what I am attempting to do: Music Folder > Artist > Album(s) > song files.extension For the Album(s) folders, I want the template to be "music" and with details view. For the main Music Folder and all Artist folders, I want them to the "general" template with Icon view (half way between large and extra large). What I have done so far: Select my main Music Folder,set it to "music" template and checked 'apply to sub-folders'. Apply and OK. Refresh. Set the view to "details", go to Organize > Folder and Search Options, view tab, apply to all folders of this type. Select the main Music Folder again, set it to "general" template without 'apply to sub-folders' checked and hit apply. Changed the view of main Music Folder to "icon" view. So far it is Music Folder (general template) > Artist (music template) > Album(s) (music template) > song files.extension Now here's the problem, if I change the Music Folder to have general items template and apply to sub-folders, it's going to also apply it to the album folders I don't want it applied to. I tried selecting all of the Artist folders at once and right-click, edit and change to "general" template (without checking the apply to sub-folders), but it will not batch change all of them and will only change the one that I click on. Without this simple ability, I am going to have to manually select all 526 Artist folders and individually change each one to general. So is there a way to batch edit this at all (either in Windows or with a third-party program, really any way at all)?
  4. [Solved] Windows Failed to Start, System Repair Can't Discover Pro

    The issue has been resolved actually. If you're interested, the solution is here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic448339.html/page__pid__2654556.
  5. All right, I've been searching all over the Internet and I've found several solutions to this problem which do help some and not others, and they're all different. The thing I did note is that of all the people posting this type of problem, they didn't really know what they were doing most of the time and had no idea what happened prior to the problem. The Windows Repair Problem Signature Problem Event Name: Startup Repair Offline Problem Signature 1: 6.1.7600.16385 Problem Signature 2: 6.1.7600.16385 Problem Signature 3: Unknown Problem Signature 4: 21200770 Problem Signature 5: AutoFailover Problem Signature 6: 4 Problem Signature 7: BadDriver OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 1033 What Happened... Last weekend, my computer was running and I wasn't exactly using it actively, but was reading something when I got a pop-up saying that "Windows cannot read removable disk K". Disk K is my 1TB external Seagate Expansion drive. When I checked it using the disk manager, it was listed as a 128GB raw removable drive with a 128GB partition size. Well, on Wednesday(ish), I recovered all that I could from the drive, saving the recovery to the main OS drive (drive C). I reformatted the external as an NTFS. Once it formatted, it read as a 128GB NTFS with a partition size of 128GB but needed to restart because the drive type changed (from removable to HDD). After the restart, I brought up the disk manager again, selected the 128GB K drive which listed a partition size of 1TB, so I reformatted it again and once it finished, it read as a 1TB HDD again. At this point I transferred the recovered files back over to it. The next thing I did was shut down my antivirus (Avast Free) and ran a Malwarebytes scan on my OS drive, which found 15 infections. I selected for it to fix them and then it needed to restart to get rid of some of them. It shut down and then started back up and made it all the way to the black Windows Loading screen. As soon as it got to its normal length of loading time before it would actually start up the desktop, it restarted itself and came back up and failed to start, so I ran the recovery utility. Of course, the recovery utility couldn't figure out what exactly was the problem and gave me the above code. I still have the Windows 7 installation disk (full install disk), and I boot from there, go through the recovery process so it can fail and I can select to do advanced options where I can access the command prompt. What I Have Tried So Far Boot in safe mode Boot with minimal graphics Run chkdsk (no problems found) All of the above failed to solve the problem. From the command prompt, I have attempted... Bootrec.exe repair MBR, Boot Sector, BCD Bootrec.exe BCD rebuild chkdsk sfc/scannow switch to partition with OS, "ism /image:c:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions" The above didn't work either. I found other suggestions more specifically related to the "bad driver error" that suggest downloading and saving to a removable media, the drivers and then re-installing them. I've also tried "loading the drivers" which I couldn't seem to find the file it was looking for anywhere so. Current Questions I know where I can get the drivers and what ones I need, but how, from the command prompt/system repair, can I re-install the drivers? Is there anything else that I've missed that can be a possible solution, such as finding the Malwarebytes log to see exactly what it took out as how one of them might be the problem? Is is possible to re-install just the OS to the position it currently exists on without effecting the other "partition" that has the program and other files (which of course would have to be re-registered if they're not portable, but that's no problem)? How can I re-install Windows 7 to a new partition (parallel install) where I can actually get the computer up and running to have more access options and get the least amount of headache possible to get my files and programs back on the re-install?
  6. Why does "Loudness Equalization" Make Volume Differencees MORE

    Well the problem is that with or without the "loudness equalization", it is still annoying as hell and I'm constantly changing the volume on my stereo. Like, it goes from min to 30, and I have to change the volume in range from 6 to 20. That's how bad it is, with or without the option selected, the only difference is what is louder and what is quieter.
  7. Why does "Loudness Equalization" Make Volume Differencees MORE

    Speakers: Stereo speakers, speaker out connected to axillary input on Sony MHC-GX470 Realtek Options: Stereo mode Full-range left-right selected No equalizer, no environment effects No room correction Default format 24 bits, 48000 Hz Windows Playback Device Options: Communications - Upon detecting communications activity: do nothing Windows Speaker Properties: Levels - Realtek HD Audio Output: 100% Microphone: 24% FrontMic: 24% Line In: 24% Side, Center, Sub, Rear, Front: 100% Enhancements - Immediate mode selected Loudness Equalization selected Speaker Set Up - Configuration: Stereo Full-range speakers: Front left and right selected (surround not selected, not even selectable) Recording Devices Active: Microphone, Stereo Mix Listen?: No to both Default device: Microphone (default and communications)
  8. I'm talking about the Windows 7 (home premium, x64) speakers properties window. My audio hardware: Realtek HD (Chipset/bus) Drivers up to date Realtek Codec: ALC888S 7.1 system (only use standard stereo speaker) So, with the option turned off, system sounds and properly recorded/ripped music whatever (mp3's) all sound equal in volume level. Some web videos are LOUD AS HELL and some are IMPOSSIBLE TO HEAR. This goes also for videos on the computer that I didn't make or rip from a DVD (which have proper audio levels). Obviously this is because other people are idiots and don't know proper audio levelling. Fine, this option is supposed to fix that right? Option on: previous music and videos with proper levels are now way too quiet, system sounds nearly blow the speakers (which I don't want to turn off), some quiet web videos are at proper volume, some are impossible to hear (some that were already impossible and some that I could and some that were too loud), then others are way too loud (again, some I could here, some that I couldn't, and some that were too loud). Is there ANY way to get some half-decent volume equalization/levels? I'm sick of having to turn my speakers up and down, up and down, up and down...
  9. I know the general idea of how scripting works, events, functions, etc. However every language is different. I've also NEVER used Visual Studio before. Basically what it is, I'm building the form right now for the program, once I complete that, I need somebody to help me get it scripted to do what I want. I WILL give you FULL credit for all your help. Oh yeah, it's going to be a freeware program. I'm thinking of calling it, "MIDI Stripper" and making the logo look sexy. Basically what it will allow you to do is import a MIDI file, select what the file has you want to keep, then it strips out all the other junk CC and even changes you don't want (that might bork your VST instruments). Is anyone willing to help me with this project? This all started because of this piano VST I have and I don't have a MIDI input device and the only MIDI stripper out there strips everything EXCEPT the notes, but I still want to keep my pitch and velocity channels/events. So yeah. Ha ha, that's the story.
  10. [SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio Front Panel Not Working Right

    I don't mean to bust on you or anything, but did you not read the thread before posting? I mean, the title says "solved" and I even posted what the correct drivers were (that they were the 888S HD codecs, not the AC'97), and what the actual problem with the computer was (which was a hardware issue, not driver/software). I appreciate the help man but, this problem has LONG been solved.
  11. [SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio Front Panel Not Working Right

    Yeah I had called Realtek once before regarding a NIC issue. They don't really have the software or drivers for specific (actual) boards like you'd think they would. I had managed to get a NIC ROM from their engineering department, but it didn't work out exactly as you'd expect, since the stuff they have are specific only to their chips. So it doesn't take into account for HOW their chips are being used in whatever piece of hardware you are using. In the end, its always best to go to the board manufacturer to (hopefully) solve whatever the issue is, rather than going directly to Realtek. Indeed, the only problem with that is the board manufacturer, as far as I can tell, is Gateway? Yeah, and they have practically no support for this particular model of computer. Example, it game with a Gateway Elite FX KB-0817 keyboard right out of the box, yet if you look up this computer on their website under the driver downloads, you won't find the drivers for this keyboard, as well as many other things this computer has that it came with factory installed out of the box not custom at all. It's ridiculous, ha ha ha. I have to look up like 5 different models of computers on the Gateway website just to get all the drivers for this computer. * Needless to say, I will be building my own computer the next time I get one, since support is so sparse and inconsistent with pretty much every brand I've tried so far, which have only been the major ones. I've not tried anything by like say, Asus yet, but I was looking at some Asus computers back when I bought this one and the towers were as big as my **** room. O_o
  12. [SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio Front Panel Not Working Right

    Well, now I feel like an id***, ha ha ha. I was going to contact Realtek and ask them, but I decided to take a look at their FAQ first. So, I opened up my computer to look. I find the Realtek chip and guess what the model number was? ALC888S. That's the codec I was using before that didn't work. So, I decided to see if there was any other information on the motherboard where the front panel audio connects to it. Alright, back story time. Back when I reformatted, I decided to take apart my computer and do a thorough cleaning. By that I mean, I completely disassembled it. Keep this in mind as I tell you what I did today just now. So I'm looking and I notice the plug from the front panel says HD Audio on it, which threw me for a loop because this whole time I was assuming the front panel jacks were AC'97. I then started to look on the actual motherboard to see if there was anything printed on it regarding that and I notice something. The plug is an 8-pin (four over four), and I'm looking and on the left side of the plug, I see 4 pins sticking out of the motherboard, so then I look on the right side of the plug and I notice that the right half of the plug isn't actually plugged into anything. O_o Reminds me of that computer term you learn way back in junior high, GIGO (garbage in - garbage out), and also reminds me that ≈99.9% of all computer errors are PICNIC (problem in chair, not in computer)/ID-10T/PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair)/user interface error... Anyway, I properly connected this plug, got the correct driver/codec and guess what, PROBLEM SOLVED! Man, I feel like such an id*** now.
  13. [SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio Front Panel Not Working Right

    That's indeed something you have to look into when you have AC'97 front audio connections, but I presume that Gateway has HD audio, are you sure that you have selected stereo or 5.1/7.1 right?... Else I would say it's some faulty frontpannel connectors, but you say that before reinstalling all was fine... odd... Well, this computer does have HD audio, at least the back panel does anyway. I tried searching for this problem before coming here and from what I can gather (though the sources don't really seem all that reputable), even if you have HD audio, the front panel headphone and/or microphone jacks will be AC'97? I did check and make sure that in both the Windows settings and the Realtek Sound Manager settings, I had Stereo selected, as I don't actually have a 5.1/7.1 speaker set up. I also opened the Windows playback devices, right-clicked on speakers and went to properties, and under jack information, it lists the back panel jacks (L/R, Rear L/R, Center/Sub, Side L/R), but it doesn't have the front panel headphone jack listed. Obviously I am missing codecs for the front jack. Now, I went to the Realtek website and I went under the tab for the AC'97 codecs from the download page and it has you check a box to agree to some legal mess and then click a button to go to the download page, however after clicking it, it comes up with a blank page that says something like "Object moved to -> here" (where here is a link, which when you click it, takes you to a page like what you were previously on, and going through the process again takes you to that same page). However, just now, I went back to their website again, and clicked the downloads tab and right on the front, under "Hot Downloads" it had AC'97 codecs listed and I clicked that and was able to finally get the download from Realtek. I've installed these, and I'm restarting now, I will update this reply as soon as my computer boots back up and I can see if it works. *fingers crossed* Alright, so, after installing those AC'97 codecs... I still have the same problem. If I go back to speaker properties, it still doesn't list the front headphone jack in the jacks section, and if I open the Realtek manager, I don't have "disable front panel jack detection" checked and I plug headphones in, the sound still comes out of the speakers and not out of the headphones, and if I have that option checked, then it comes both out of the speakers normally, and out of the headphones at the same time, but only the right one of the headphones. >_< EDIT: I clicked on the information button in my Realtek Audio Manager and the codec version is ALC888S - from the documentation I read on the Realtek website, the coded I need is ALC850 to ALC861, which are the only ones that support AC'97 front headphone jacks? Anyway, I looked ALL over the Realtek website and I can't find a download for that specific codec at all, so I did a Google search for the codec and I'm really unsure of how reputable these sites are but, I downloaded one and I'm going to try that now. And of course, none of the ones I downloaded would work. Anyway, from what I read, I need the ALC850 or ALC861 codec. Those are the only ones on the Realtek website's documentation that are for 7.1 HD audio with AC'97 front panel headphone. The problem is, there's nowhere on the Realtek website to download those. The downloads on there have the ALC888S codec, which doesn't support the AC'97 front headphone jack. So, I'm at a loss as to what to do. I guess I'm going to contact Realtek about this issue and see if I can actually get some help from them. I don't have much hopes for this though as usually when I try to contact a product manufacturer for support, even through the proper support channels, I never get help, and it seems like every time I do, I actually know more about their products than their support staff does... *
  14. [SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio Front Panel Not Working Right

    I know it's a Realtek setting and that the current driver is not a Realtek driver. However, just before I updated this driver today with the driver I have now, there is an option where you can check "Disable front panel auto detection." Regardless of whether or not I had that checked or unchecked, it wouldn't work right, however if I didn't have front panel detection disabled, I'd randomly have and not have sound in my regular speakers. I downloaded the drivers you linked to, I see they're from the Gateway website. That's weird because, back when I first had this problem (and didn't care to fix it other than the day it happened until now), I went to the Gateway website to try and find the drivers that came with this computer, and for my model, they only had maybe 25% of the drivers for this computer listed for download. I am looking at the site now and apparently it's redesigned and they have all the drivers. *sigh* Anyway, I've installed the drivers that you linked from there and I am going to restart now and see what that does... And I still have the same problem. I have my Realtek sound manager now, but regardless of whether or not I enable "front panel detection" - when I plug headphones in to the front headphone jack, sound still comes out of the speakers, and nothing comes out of the headphones...
  15. Alright, pertinent information: Computer: Gateway DX4300-03 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium X64 Sound Realtek HD Audio (model ??? - features 7.1 surround, front panel headphones/mic) So, when I originally bought this computer, I had my two channel speakers plugged into the back panel. When I would plug in a set of headphones to the front panel, it automatically muted the sound coming out of the regular speakers and only played through the headphones. Upon removing the headphones, playback resumed as normal through the speakers. Well, I had to reformat a while back and now, the sound works, I have speakers still plugged into the back panel. The problem is, when I plug headphones into the front jack, the sound still comes out of the speakers. It also comes out of the headphones, but it sounds like there's some other signal coming into the headphones with the audio? I just today went on their website again and downloaded the drivers they had listed. The funny thing is, before, the driver said "Realtek Semiconductor Corp." or something like that as the author when I was looking at it in device manager, but now it says Microsoft Corporation? And this is the one I downloaded today from Realtek's website... hrm. Also, when I updated to this driver I got today, my Realtek Sound Manager is gone. Odd. Anyway, I tried updating the drivers and stuff and that didn't help. Maybe I am missing something? I tried to find information on the Realtek website but.. well, I think I'd have more luck navigating an active minefield than their website. >_< Also if it helps, I've created a system information file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6sn7amt0ntd0z3u/system%20information.txt