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  1. According to my registry, it says PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_9066. In the driver file GPLUS.inf, line 24: [DeviceList] %TIACX.DeviceDesc_PCI% = TIACX_PCI, PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_9066&SUBSYS_3B041186 %TIACX.DeviceDesc_Cardbus% = TIACX_CardBus, PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_9066&SUBSYS_3B051186 Ln 318: [Strings] Provider = "D-Link" TIACX.DeviceDesc_Cardbus = "D-Link AirPlus XtremeG+ DWL-G650+ Wireless Cardbus Adapter" TIACX.DeviceDesc_PCI = "D-Link AirPlus XtremeG+ DWL-G520+ Wireless PCI Adapter" Maybe we're looking at different drivers? PS: Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, TCPOptimizer didn't work for me; also I failed miserably at Googling VIP.386 patch - what is it actually?
  2. D-link AirPlus G+ (DWL-G520+) is a PCI 802.11g Wifi adapter that works ALMOST flawlessly on Windows 98. The best part is that it supports WPA2 on itself without any additional access clients or upgrades! And it's easily available, dirt cheap. I got mine for 10 CNY shipped. That's less than 2 USD! Here's it working in (supposedly) 54Mbps, WPA2 in Windows 98: The only pet-peeves are: It doesn't want to really work in 54Mbps mode; the max speed I could get from it was sub-10M. Enough for light daily web browsing, but not an iota of good for file transfer. The driver provided on D-Link's official website DOESN'T have THE driver. (DAFAQ?!) It only has the wireless utility. You'll have to find the actual device driver elsewhere. The wireless utility doesn't work on system launch. You will need to manually exit and restart the utility once for the system to have a correct Internet connection. Other than that, I say it's a pretty decent choice if you want to connect your Windows 98 machine to da Internet.
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