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  1. Why this tools have dependendes with Dropbox? I have another question. Why does the copy procces takes so long? It tooks around 1 or 2 hours while other tools like Nt 6.x only took half an hour... Thanks
  2. But will have support in the future?
  3. Thanks for all guys! I have to say that I have tried Windows Vista but doesn't work for me. After finishing the installation with WinNTSetup, then it breaks when i try to boot via USB. The blue screen of death appears some seconds after start booting SysPrep... but maybe is the ISO, I'll test an original DVD I have and I'll reply I didn't know anything about Windows XP onto USB, in this topic the spanish community is very small so it's very difficult to find tutorials and tools like this in the spanish community. Will test shortly Thanks for all!
  4. Firts of all, say that this is my first post in this forum. Congratulations for the project. It's cool. I only want to know if you your software will have Windows Vista support, it's a bit strange that it couldn't work (I know Vista works a bit different), I don't know much about WinPE/WTG Other question, Is there a a way to install Windows Xp onto USB? I know is a very frequent question but in my language is difficult to see the difference between 'from' and 'onto', and in this topics changels a lot their meaning ^^. Thanks for all

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