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  1. One thing I could never understand: Why do some websites INSIST on letting you know someone posted with a mobile device? They don't make a special note letting people know you posted via PC, so why is mobile so special? Facebook used to be really bad with this but as the years went on, they dropped it. But to be honest, I couldn't care less that you posted something with your precious phone. To me, all I see in "Posted via mobile" means, "Look at me, I'm cool! I have a phone! :w00t:"

    1. mixit


      I completely agree that these days such notes are pretty pointless, but I always thought that they were initially put there to provide an excuse to mobile posters. As mobile posts would tend to have more spelling errors, lack proper caps, etc. due to people typing on a tiny keypad - and often feel markedly more off-the-cuff than those written from behind a PC - my thinking was that these notes were there to head off flames from the audience. But it's quite possible that I've been overthinking this and it has always been mainly about the gee-whiz factor as you say.

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