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  1. i was wondering about that the people just provided the theme atlas image but not the layout files. Anybody who has a layout file for Win 10?
  2. Could somebody please explain me how to correctly install other atlas theme images for Windows 10 v1607 ? Everytime the new skin doesn't seem to be applied correctly, it always looks like this (see file below). Does somebody have good theme atlas images for Windows 10 v1607? Thank you!
  3. Is Windows 10 Redstone build 14393 a higher build than v1607 ? Since i could not update Windows to v1607 (caused serious desktop flickering!!!) i deactivated AeroGlass in the Taskscheduler like it was recommended and then sucessfully updated to the v1607 (called Redmond?). Does that mean i can reactivate AeroGlass after the update? (I just didn't try, very risky with this serious desktop flickering).... Thanks and good evening! *EDIT: I downloaded the newest version of AeroGlass und updated the files in my AeroGlass Folder. Everything is working fine! Very nice!
  4. Hello there! I just wanted to know when AeroGlass will work on Windows 10 v1607. I begin to miss it!
  5. Hello there ! First to say i love AeroGlass on my Windows 10. So i donated and downloaded the donation.key and put it into my AeroGlass Folder. Then i rebooted my pc but the watermark is still there. Debug.log says that the donation.key file was not found there. The debug log says now: Donation.key: invalid signature. ...there was an old machine code written in my debug.log. I pasted the actual one to the clipboard and voila no watermark! Thx and keep up the good work!
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