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  1. DriverPack MassStorage V5.07.3

    To answer your questions, Bashrat: A) Actually, it IS an Intel chipset based motherboard. The RAID controller is the Intel ICH5R (82801ER). It has a different BIOS made by Adaptec, and thus it requires Adaptec's driver. But the hardware is identical. B) The DB HWID appears to come from the Ultra ATA controller, and the DF HWID is the RAID. That's why the driver only supports DF.
  2. DriverPack MassStorage V5.07.3

    Here are the HWID's for the Adaptec SATA Host RAID Controller that does not work... They're attached to this post hwids.txt
  3. DriverPack MassStorage V5.07.3

    @Bashrat Will do, I just need to wait for another one to come down the line. I usually get one or two a day, but as soon as I get one you'll be the first to know the HWID's (except for me of course) What I did notice though, is that in your driverpack it has the same HWID as the Intel controller that uses iastor.sys? I tried using just the Adaptec SATA RAID HOST controller drivers and ID's and omitting anything Intel, and it always seems to freeze during the 'starting windows' part of the dos-type install (not the GUI part). Back in the day when I tried making my own driverpacks, it always went to a screen saying it couldn't find hard drives, but now it just sits there. Progress! But anyhoo, I'll get those HWID's to you!
  4. DriverPack MassStorage V5.07.3

    I can't get the Adaptec Embedded Serial ATA HostRAID Controller to work. Way back in the I tried to slipstream it myself before I knew driverpacks existed, and couldn't get it to work then. Its the one that uses aarich.sys. Anyone else having a problem with this controller? I'm using a supermicro X5DPA-TGM, and there's a couple other mobo's I have that use this.
  5. Chipset Driverpack

    @Bashrat I went through our parts vault, and every SM motherboard we have uses the E7520 Lindenhurst Intel Chipset. When you said you included the Intel chipsets, did you just cover the desktop single CPU drivers, or did you add the dual CPU server chipsets too?
  6. Chipset Driverpack

    Are you going to include chipset drivers for SuperMicro by any chance? I use a lot of their server boards and when doing a "normal" installation the SM Bus Controller always pops up.
  7. For Those Who Can't Download The Driverpacks

    By clicking on the ads I can download the driverpack BASE, LAN, Graphics B, Mass Storage, and WLAN no problem. I can't seem to download the Sound or Graphics A. Says the file doesn't exist?
  8. Installshield & Worldbench 5

    I tried to open up setup.exe like I did with other installs to grab an MSI file, but it won't let me crack it open. I'm thinking there is no MSI file. When I install it normally, it seems to PC World (who made this program) uses a lot of autoIT scripts to work the program. Maybe I'm stuck with getting an autoIT script to do my dirty work for me? Are there any other possible switches I can try with setup.exe?
  9. Installshield & Worldbench 5

    I have World Bench 5 on two CD's, so I copied the contents of both to one folder on the HDD. Then I ran "setup.exe -r" because I wanted a setup.iss file. When the install was done, there was no .iss file nor a log file. So then I tried running "setup.exe /silent /noreboot", just like my nero setup thingy, and it asked me all the same questions. No unattended here! So then I made an autoIT script, I'm still new at this, to use daemon tools to mount .iso's of the program and whip through the install. Its buggy to say the least, because I use this on a wide variety of machines. Maybe it would be easier to copy the directory containing both CD's over the network, run the setup, THEN have the autoIT script take over the answer stuff. What I really really want though, is to use the .iss or /silent method with setup.exe. I don't want to use an autoIT script unless I have to. Any ideas?
  10. unattended server 2003 problem

    Thanks a million!
  11. So I made a boot image of Server 2003 Standard. Then I copied over my $OEM$ directory from my known good unattended XP Pro CD. Next I copied over the winnt.sif into the proper place, and adjusted the product key of course. Next I copied the necessary lines out of txtsetup.sif and dosnet.inf and copied those lines over to the existing files on the server 2003 boot image. Then I created iso, burned CD, and tested it out. Yay, it works ALMOST perfect! The only unattended thing it doesn't do pertains to the licensing mode. Server software loves licensing, its just its nature I suppose. But anyway, it stops me once and only once when asks if I want to set it up for device CAL's or user CAL's. How do I put that in an answer file where it will default to device CAL?
  12. need "special" fdisk help

    Thanks for the help! I'll begin looking into that immediately. I'm supposed to have this thing deployed no later than friday
  13. need "special" fdisk help

    No way! This is what I'm trying to accomplish: I load XP Pro unattended using my bashrats pack, and maxxp's unattended installer. Got it working on about 75% of the machines we build. When it hits a desktop, a little VB program I wrote gives me a couple options. 1) run my burn-in programs such as prime95, world bench 5, 3dmark2004, and so on. Then it will compile a results report. After all this is complete, the report will forwarded over the network to my master machine then all burn-in stuff is deleted off the HD. 2) this option is to be used after the burn-in, and it will run sysprep with my modified sysprep.ini file, thereby prepping the system for customer use if they bought the OS from us. 3) If the customer did NOT buy the OS from us, I still had to load it to run my benchmark stuff but now I don't need it anymore. So I want to smear it from windows. I mean, I COULD just walk around the corner and grab my trusty f-disk floppy, but I'd love to have this as concise and easy as possible. Hope this sheds some light on why I need to wipe the boot partition while i'm sitting in it
  14. need "special" fdisk help

    Is it possible, while in windows XP sitting at the desktop, to wipe the partition? I don't want to recover anything. I just want to run a batch file from windows, that deletes itself and everything on the partition. How do I do this?
  15. Video Drivers Question

    Does the driverpack include all the onboard video kind of stuff? Got a crapload of it here, because thats what my company primarily uses. Once I get my paws on the video driverpack, I'll upload what I have different so you can snag it.