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  1. 我用中文的方式說明我安裝的步驟(因為我英文很破),如果你看得懂的話照做就不會出錯 當然首先還是感謝MDJ的教學,不過他的說明裡有幾步我照做也不行(尤其是刪掉SHELL32_UIFILE.res裡的項目我卡有點久) 所以我的方式跟MDJ有點不同,不過都是可以讓詳細資料窗格永遠固定在下方 1.要安裝OldNewExplorer,不裝的話就算步驟沒錯也不會生效 2.以ResourceHacker開啟shellstyle.dll,路徑是C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\aero\Shell\NormalColor(ResourceHacker程式MDJ有提供) 3.在ResourceHacker介面裡,用鍵盤ctrl+D刪除MUI這欄 4.ResourceHacker>Action>Add from a Resource file>開啟SHELL32_UIFILE.res(MDJ提供的檔案) 5.跳出的視窗中>預設Skip不變>勾選Check/Uncheck All>SHELL32_UIFLIE打勾>Import 6.存檔,系統自動另外生成一個檔案shellstyle_original.dll,所以不用事先備份shellstyle.dll也沒關係 7.重啟explorer或重開機就完成 ※我都是使用Administrator帳號去做的,所以有卡權限問題的話你可能要透過管理者帳號 ※不須嘗試刪除shellstyle.dll,系統也不會讓你刪,但是改名和複製是可以的(有改過NormalColor的資料夾權限,如果你卡權限問題就記得改NormalColor的權限值) THanks for MDJ
  2. That's easy to fix. Don't click link,just copy url to your browser.
  3. Hey, thank you for your patience! It's been a long week of work but now it's finally a weekend so I finally sit at my PC and fixed the problem! Here's an updated tutorial: Hi MDJ,THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I have the same problem with details pane bottom in Windows 10 This has already perplexed me for a long time(maybe 4 or 5 months) According to your steps, It's working and never being mistakes. So thank you again, you've solved my big problem.

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