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  1. Hi delicatepc 1st up; Interesting project. Very similar to mine; 16GB Corsair GT divided in 4 primary partitions: a. uBOOT - FAT32 - 500MB: Contains Grub4Dos, ISO files for booting Acronis and others b. uXP - NTFS - 1.5GB: Contains a custom driverpacked XP install set c. uWin7 - NTFS - 5GB: Contains a merged 32bit and 64bit Win 7 Pro + Office 2007 d. uDATA - NTFS - 9GB: The only partition viewable from windows, for data only... However; I have found that I can't install Win7 from the USB stick, unless it's on the FIRST partition! It really bugs me. But at the moment i'm testing different lay
  2. Well, it sure seems as if were going round the block here. Just a little visual gadget for the collection(s): RocketDock http://www.punksoftware.com/projects Provides a customizable panel with zoom-function (yeah, like the MAC's). Does'nt hog too much RAM. Enjoy. JB B)
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