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  1. Thank you. Forcing "layers.prefer" to either OpenGL or D3D9 vastly improves things... It's plenty smooth. I am using a GeForce 650 with the 347.88 drivers (because the later ones have buggy screen detection). vsync remains a problem, but that was always the case on XP because GDI+ has no vsync. Regarding OpenGL, I was wondering if the op can have a look at this: This is the problem when OpenGL is selected. The entire application seems to be shifted "up" a bit (for lack of a better explanation). A mouse click also reflects this (where you get the actual click on top of where you
  2. Yes, and no layer acceleration either: Slower in fact than Firefox ESR. Mozilla oddly removed all real acceleration on XP after something like Firefox 28. Palemoon should at least be on par with Firefox in layer acceleration, no? Not complaining or anything (I've never switched to Palemoon for this reason alone. Heck, I could really use the 64-bit advantage of it. Either way, I'll be forced to switch after Mozilla ends ESR for XP.
  3. Thank you for continuing to update Palemoon. What kind of performance are people getting on Youtube? I disabled async and enabled VP9 in the options because the H26x was very slow, and it was also kind of distorted. VP9 is crisp, but also slow. My resolution is 1600x900. My videocard is a GeForce 650. The Operating system is XP x64, and the Palemoon version is also x64. Videos are also choppy at 480p. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks. Pidgin is actually pretty good. I like it. Very similar logging style to AIM. Easily readable HTML files. It's a keeper!
  5. 4.8.2616 also gets the March 15 message... Likewise, if anyone can hack 4.4.2286 for me, I'd be very appreciative. The reason I specifically like 4.4.2286 is because of the logging feature which is specific to this version. Here is a download link to it: http://www.aciddr0p.net/aimversions/aim442286.rar
  6. Yes, I can confirm it's working... But it lacks the message logging feature of 4.4.2286.
  7. Nice find... Maybe I'll give that a try. I am, or rather was using 4.4.2286 on Windows XP.
  8. If Miranda can still connect, then there must be a way to modify AIM to work...
  9. Yes, I would like to know as well... I'm using an even older version (4.4).
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