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  1. Woot. I've managed to get my hands on an HP mini which I will be destroying with windows 10 as I'm tired of rebuilding my only functional laptop. I'll give the script a whirl when I get a power brick. No offense, but I play minecraft. So it stays.
  2. Also, seems the growing pains are finally hitting the IT community and they're getting a bit bent out of shape about the extra stuff. https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/1505681-candy-crush-and-minecraft-windows-10-pro-solution I really wish I could stand up and say "I told you so", but that'd be a bit rude. As an added plus Noel, this person seems to also have an idea how to de-crapify windows 10. https://community.spiceworks.com/scripts/show/3298-windows-10-decrapifier
  3. Don't hold your breath. It just hides cortana from the taskbar before you even get a chance to see it. Despite the outcry, I am seeing more and more IT folk jumping on the "I ♥ Cortana" bandwagon. I guess they're tired of Google . Also I've managed to "freeze" my install by disabling windows update service and the task that keeps it enabled. Thank you for those pointers Noel.
  4. So I pasted a link to this forum. About got me drummed off the other group due to downvotes stacking up. Apparently we are "Crying tears on a river" to many. I've about given up on them as much of what I read there is starting to infuriate me with the constant vendor pumping. Supposedly the enterprise and the EU release does not come with Edge or Cortana by default. It's still there, but disabled. Not just hidden. NoelC, I'm just going to stick with 7 til they kill it completely and disable windows updates. While I like what theyve done to windows explorer, its not worth the hassle to keep fighting it any more. While this has been great and all sticking it to "the man", I dont foresee us gaining any traction with the amount of shunning I received in the past 24hrs. I hope they come to their senses.
  5. So it seems that over on another IT pro forum I'm subbed to, a lot of folks are getting overly concerned with the fact that they cant turn things off or get rid of them in their enterprise enviro. Would it be of any help if I forward some of them here? I typically dont cross forums, but the feedback on a larger scale might be useful. Also, cortana's still gone!
  6. Keeping windows cut off from calling home likely will trigger a Windows genuine advantage activation. I wouldnt put it past them to put something like this in. After all, gotta catch all the people who dont have legit licenses.
  7. Most perplexing honestly. So far I've tried twelve different tools that supposedly removed everything but fail to do so. This is more infuriating than Android. At least cortana's not back! WOOHOO!
  8. Impressive stuff guys. I'm sorry I dont have any experience in any of this and use of powershell is new to me. Ive resisted using it so much but now I'm getting a crash course. Its a crying shame that the dummies (the ones who dont know what they are doing) overpower the actual people who have to fix the wretched machines. I've run across many PC pro's that have done nothing but crank-yank over windows 10 and ignore the blaitant privacy violations. I've installed the 10586 build today and was greeted with all of the unwanted apps I spent an hour removing. To further complicate this, I used powershell to remove them. After a reboot, those items came back... again. I'm at the point of making a powershell script to run at startup every time and run it as a service via winlogon. Is there any way to automate all of this?

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