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  1. I'm having a real strange issue with 1.1.7 and WinSCP Jumplists. If I open WInSCP and go to a configured site, it opens and WinSCP shows it's icons correctly. If I pin WinSCP to my taskbar, then right click and open the same site from the jumplist, it works correctly. However if I open the same site from startisback via the jump list, then winSCP opens but no file or folder icons are shown ! If tested this with multiple sites, I've backed up my winSCP config, uninstalled and reinstalled but I get the same issue. Any one any ideas ? Thanks
  2. Thanks - Downloaded and all working. Now any chance you can fix all of Windows 10's issues
  3. StartisBack 1.1.6 registered running on Windows 10 Pro 64bit Just upgraded to the November Windows 10 release, had to re install StartIsBack and have noticed JumpLists for WinSCP & Putty have stopped working. This is the jumplists that show for the applications pinned to my start menu. Was all working fine on Friday before the Windows 10 upgrade. Any idea why ? Thanks

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