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  1. I have a suggestion also. When using Windows 7 unified search from the start menu, my habit was to type in the search keywords and hit return. Windows 7 would return an Explorer window with all the search results, orderable by field. Very useful feature... I became reliant upon it. This behavior is equivalent to getting the "See more results" output by default, when hitting return after a search. Startisback++ search behaves a little differently. When I type in keywords, followed by return, into "search programs and files" on the Start Menu, it returns only the top item from the search results. It would be great to get the "See More Results..." window instead (without me having to click it manually after typing in keywords). Then Startisback++ would perfectly replicate the Windows 7 Search experience. Perhaps there is a Startisback++ setting to enable this behavior, but I have not found it. Thanks for all your work on this excellent software.

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