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  1. Hello, Yes this is the same issue I reported in the first place! Is is related to NVidia optimus, because on my desktop setup I have no flickering with multimonitor, but I have encountered more explorer crashes on the desktop after installation of AeroGlass as before. This is surely not so. wants to ready but I advice not to install AeroGlass! It's not stable!
  2. Actual most simple solution is -> uninstall AeroGlass! It's just not worth wasting more time, if my PC is running without any problems without that tool!
  3. As I wrote it is related to hybrid Laptop graphics solution and AeroGlass! @endbase: what is your setup? Please stop giving usless tips! I only have that flickering when AeroGlass is installed, I never saw it before and when removed everything is ok again.
  4. When minimizing or maximizing windows or when moving windows from one monitor to the other, I get extreme flickering of the window moved. Without AeroGlass everything is fine! I have a registered version but it does not depend on free or registered version. Perhaps it is hardware related, I have an Asus N550JW Laptop with DELL UP3216Q connected. It has Intel and Nvidia hybrid graphics solution. Flickering is extreme with Internet Explorer used! Flickering is so bad, I had to uninstall AeroGlass. I use Windows 10, latest version. I think there is a Memory issue in AeroGlass. Please fix it.
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