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  1. You can disable Windows 10 skin in Opera flags. It works in Opera Developer, but it should work in regular vesion as well. Just type this in address field: opera://flags/?search=desi#windows-10-skin
  2. This may also by connected to WDDM2.0. I was trying different intel drivers and with the oldest ones I could find, I get no flickering. These are pre-release Win10 drivers from 10th July and they only support WDDM1.3, newer ones all support WDDM2.0. Also my debug log no longer shows DWM incompatibility error 0x8 with these drivers. I hope it helps.
  3. I believe that you experiencing similar issues as I do. Try to post your computer configuration. I already have a thread about my problem here:
  4. I attached debug file to the first post. Haven't seen anything interresting there, but I am not an expert. debug.log
  5. Yes it does. DPI has no effect on it. Also single screen and 2 screens in Win8.1 both with 125% DPI work fine. It happens ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 and in all versions of Aero Glass that I tried.
  6. Hello, I know that someone already post about this issue but it still persists. I ignored it at first as a bug either in Aero or intel drivers or OS itself. But it has been enough time already and it has become very distracting. PC config: Core i7 4700HQ with HD 4600 graphics, GeForce 765M with optimus, 12GB RAM, 2x1080p monitors, DPI 125%, Windows 10 x64 10586. It doesn't happen in windows 8.1 or with single monitor. I also tried different drivers, even complete format and OS reinstall. I tried to capture a screenshot of this but that doesn't work, so here are pictures taken by my phone. I am also prepared to capture logs, but I don't know how so someone will have to help me with that. debug.log
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