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  1. Hi, I might get flamed for this question, and I apologize if it's in the wrong location, but I'm looking at USB fingerprint readers. Please can you give me your opinions on a good brand / version that works "well" with Windows 8.1? Thanks and regards, Chris.
  2. Thanks to NoelC for posting that Technet information. Valuable reading. And agree with JorgeA about the questions posed by the poster at the bottom of the Technet page.
  3. Hi all, Thanks for all the effort that's gone into establishing what's going on with these updates. I have found this site, and a couple of others, to be very useful in controlling the updates that bring Windows 10 automatically. I too struggle with the balance of making sure updates still work generally, while at the same time trying to avoid unwanted code running on my systems. Part of me wishes I'd never moved off Windows 7! The more I read though, the more I am inclined to think about skipping Windows 10. From the experience you all have here, please can you tell me how much you trust the error reporting and error management outbound flows now? Do you think Windows usage telemetry can be collected through other mechanisms meant for other genuine purposes? Further, how would a user find this out? (If they don't have their own lab, for instance!) Thank you also for keeping the list up-to-date. Regards, Chris.
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