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  1. Hi folks and the fight is not over yet! I must report on success, i was able to install beta driver 14.502.1014.0, without any catalyst nonsense. The thing i normaly dont spent so much time tweaking , but this rather disspointment that AMD left Windows Vista users behind. For overclocking purposes i use MSI Afterburner and quite amazing , how much faster this 14.502 version driver from AMD-Catalyst-15.4.1-Win8.1-Win7-May8 package. I did ttest the 15.7 driver and no succes, it seems its unlikely that it will work in the future, well update to Win7 isn't option for me , but i have option to use win7 und vista when i needed, but i still hate what AMD done to his users, even Nvidia provide much better legacy support. Overall , this year i learned the lesson, next time i not only read a review but i will try to found out any bad sides of video card. Happy new year!
  2. Normaly i don't comment on forums , but huge thanks and respect to smeezekitty ! Good work and shame on ATI/AMD , that they develop new drivers only for Windows 7 and latest versions of Windows. So for anybody who wish to know how huge this is, well ATI officialy provide following driver Catalyst Software Suite 13.12 18.12.2013 which is in my experice works out of the box, but have some performance issues and in my opionion not well optimized for latest games. Currently i am running on Catalyst 14.12 and driver version 14.501.1003-141120a-177997C , driver date 20.11.2014. Just in case when somebody ask , why bother with Vista 32bit, well i have Win7 on other partition, but my primary system is Vista and i dont't wish to move data for new Win7 because of the golden rule "never touch a running machine", I would like add some explanation how to install Omega 14.12 drivers package. 1. First delete all Ati drivers, use Display Driver Uninstaller (boot into safe mode first!) 2. Install the Package Ati control center and other packages 3. Apply and copy files according to the instruction from the patch (see first post on this thread) 4. Edit the inf file in the directory where it was extracted 5. Sometimes for new card additional line should be edit (just look at inf file for example) 6. reboot If all works fine than you done! About new 2015 version of Ati control center , i think probably some additional work should be done to make it bug free , but this is up to smeezekitty !
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