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  1. Well, it was a 3.1 Gig iso of a linux distro and the dd process did last for a short period of time (maybe around 2 minutes) as I used ctrl+c after realising the mixed drives. Interestingly the drive was able to boot the distro live menü already. Now, after the recovery the drive is basically in the same state as it used to be, all the folders and files are there and working fine on Windows or Linux (yes, thankfully the $MFT was surely not affected). It's interesting though that lately using the drive on Ubuntu still lead to a recognition of the fat-partition as it showed the distro name and the partition type. Plugging the drive in again it started to work fine with ntfs. Well, I have a full backup of that drive now (and all the other drives for that matter).
  2. First I'd like to say: God bless both of ya, online789 and jaclaz!!! Well, I had a linux iso on an external 1 TB ntfs drive. The drive was mounted into mnt. From this folder I just wanted to dd that linux iso to a usb stick but somehow the letters got mixed and I dd-d it to the drive itself (I just noticed that the usb stick is not blinking at all and after several seconds realised why). Well, yeah, everything was gone, it wiped out the ntfs partition, replaced it by a fat one and the drive booted as a linux live usb. First I did try to make an image of the drive but after several hundreds Gig I had some i/o errors and it stopped (no idea why). Testdisk did not work for me either. Anyway this thread showed me the correct direction and in the end I tried dmde and lsoft active@ partition recovery. While dmde did work fine, I realised that there were some empty folders it could not recover. Active@ partition recovery did find the partition I wanted to recover after a short search (as there was only one big ntfs partition to recover). Btw you need the pro version in order to use all the functions and you can use it to create an image too. However the option "recover to an other drive" gave me an error message and somehow it did not work. Therefore I tried Lsoft active file recovery and it was possible to recover the folders one by one to an other drive. After that I've tried to recover the partition on the drive itself with active@ partition recovery (in supersearch it even showed the correct name of the drive and the file tree). In the side menü, where you can see the "given" state of the drive, it showed the fat partition for me, which I deleted first. After that I did run the recovery function, but somehow it did not seem to work (after I clicked it, it only showed a new volume on the disk, which was not recognized by the windows file manager). The solution was to close the software after recovery and run chkdsk /f on the drive. In the end all the folders and files were there again. Long story short: If you had this kind of issue with an ntfs drive, you could consider the following: 1. Make an image (via active@ partition recovery or some other way you like) 2. Try active@ file recovery in order to recovery your folders to an other drive. 3. Try active@ partition recovery in order to recover the whole partition on the drive itself. After running the recovery function, if it does not seem to work, close the software and run chkdsk /f on the drive. Well, online789 and jaclaz, God bless both of ya, thank you for this thread!

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