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  1. Well, it was a 3.1 Gig iso of a linux distro and the dd process did last for a short period of time (maybe around 2 minutes) as I used ctrl+c after realising the mixed drives. Interestingly the drive was able to boot the distro live menü already. Now, after the recovery the drive is basically in the same state as it used to be, all the folders and files are there and working fine on Windows or Linux (yes, thankfully the $MFT was surely not affected). It's interesting though that lately using the drive on Ubuntu still lead to a recognition of the fat-partition as it showed the distro name and t
  2. First I'd like to say: God bless both of ya, online789 and jaclaz!!! Well, I had a linux iso on an external 1 TB ntfs drive. The drive was mounted into mnt. From this folder I just wanted to dd that linux iso to a usb stick but somehow the letters got mixed and I dd-d it to the drive itself (I just noticed that the usb stick is not blinking at all and after several seconds realised why). Well, yeah, everything was gone, it wiped out the ntfs partition, replaced it by a fat one and the drive booted as a linux live usb. First I did try to make an image of the drive but after several hundreds
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