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  1. 1. donation key is pretty much ignored - annoying 2. with HDR enabled it occasionally crashes and restarts explorer
  2. I am surprised that in an experimental development thread the developer must waste time and focus with reading and also responding to posts like adacoms. It is clear that posts like that are fabricated by ignorance itself and thus are supposed to be ignored. On the other hand I need to agree on one point! As a "gratitude" for so called "donation" providing special software alterations and changes in its behavior, adding/removing features compared to the original free downloadable distribution and still calling it donation... Well that is just... I am trying to find the right words here which would not be insulting... Well let's just say that such approach is not suitable for a decent developer who is not completely shameless and still has some backbone.
  3. I would say #491 is pretty stable and flawless in build 10586... could not find anything that would not make it very well for release candidate. And that being said TH2 users would deserve any official release that could be used without forced debugging and watermark (though still wondering how dhjohns managed to get it run without watermark).
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