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  1. In my case I have not got glass installed on the computer within the RDP connection (Server 2016). Its not just visual artifacts its gamebreaking stuff like text not updating when scrolling, the display not updating when cutting text (it shows the text still there) etc
  2. Ive had to uninstall the latest version. I use Remote Desktop a lot and when glass is installed it becomes practically unusable. The rdp hosts are multiple onsite servers (no internet latency) and the RDP quality settings are maxed out. When editing a powershell script for example just selecting a block of text causes the middle of the selection to appear as if it is not selected. When I then click to deselect the text it remains highlighted for 10+ seconds until the display finally refreshes. I'm on build 1709
  3. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.4.1

    The border issue on 10532 goes away if you use the GUI program to set the color opacity down http://i.imgur.com/19kTwgP.png Its perfectly usable on the latest build just some flickering on the start screen is the only problem I found. If we could get an option to hide the "Aero Glass does not know how to hook your version of DWM." message on startup that would be great. Other than that great work.