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  1. Hi ... This is what I have done so far I have burned eveything thats on my secondary drive ( 80gb ) onto dvd disk and afterward if I need to redownload anything again , I can from the dvd disk if need be , What I will try is this , I am going to remove the master drive 40gb drive and install the new 200gb drive as master when it finally arrive , Then I will perform a clean installment of windows xp onto the 200gb drive and if I end up having problems getting any data/programs from my secondary drive , I will just use my dvd disk and reload everything again , afterward I will clean the secondary 80gb , format it and reload everything back , This way I can always use my old 40gb in the future if anything might happen to my new 200gb drive , I will keep my 40gb as a emergency Thanks though to everyone that assist ...
  2. Hi ... I mean when ever I download a program that I want to keep I always install it on my second hard drive , programs like nero , the firewall , anti-virus , some data files , what ever it might be , None have anything to do with the operating system files , just programs that I will install onto my new drive once I get it hook up and have windows xp on it , So will I encounter any problems getting these programs and data ? Thanks for your response ...
  3. Hi ... First thing I will mention is my computer specs , I have windows xp pro retail version with sp2 on disk , 2 hard drives , 1gb ram , Intel P4 2.4 , motherboard abit ic7 max 3 ... I have windows xp pro sp2 install on a 40gb hard drive and I have all my programs and what not on my second 80gb hard drive , Now I am purchasing a maxtor 200gb hard drive , I want to make this new hard drive as my master , I am going to remove the 40gb hdd which has the operating system on it with the newer one , I am going to reinstaill a clean installment of windows xp pro sp2 on my new 200gb hdd , My question is this , I want to be able to still have access to my second 80gb hhd once I install my new hhd with a clean install of windows xp on it , Will I encounter any problems with such ? Thanks in advance ...
  4. Hi.. From what I heard school and charitable organization do get a discount on windows operating system , its a lot cheaper then what we would pay for it ....
  5. Hi .. I been using xp pro when it first came out in 2002 and all I ever do is clear out all my temp files / cookies , defragment the drive , use disk cleanup , ad aware / spybot search N destroy , cwshedder , mru blaster , spyware blaster , nod32 anti virus , sygate firewall , Hosts file program ... With all these programs running I never found the need to use a registry cleaner and my computer is running really smooth , Though I have heard other using registry cleaner and later on having problems with there computer , Now whether this has anything to do with them using a registry cleaner , I don't know but , it has made me wonder
  6. Hi ... I'm curious to know why you would use a registry cleaner for windows xp in the first place ? Thanks
  7. Ok ... Just reformated and everything is working great again , Thanks !! for everyone that help ....
  8. Hi ... This is what I have done so far , I used " Clean Up " program and notice afterward the performance was incredible ... Few days later , it could be a week or 2 later I notice the problem that I am now having ... So I then ran sfc /scannow it didn't help , So my thoughts where to perform the following , run AVG , ad aware , spybot , spyblaster , I try them all in safe mode and normal , and When I did these scan I had system restore off , I then did this click start. >>Open My Computer. Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options. select the View tab. Under the Hidden files and folders heading selected Show hidden files and folders. Uncheck the Hide protected operating system files (recommended) option. Click Yes to confirm. Click OK. This what I done next .... Empty/delete the entire contents of the C:\Windows\temp folder and C:\temp folder, (Contents only but not the folder itself.) This one too C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\ .... Delete the recycling bin ... Then I used HJT and remove some NON Windows programs , all that while in safe mode ... But my problem was still there ... So i then did a Repair inatallment of my OS which was perform correctly without any problems , After this point I thought my problem would of been solve , Well it wasn't So I started to post my problem on here ... Afterward I have call my ISP provider and ask them if my area had any connectivity problems , At which they tell me that there wasn't any , I then try to unconnect the Router and just connected directly to the modem ,but that didn't solve that problem either ...Keep in mind that I have had SP2 when it was first available and never had any problems with , Also all my programs are all up to date , So my question is because I perform a repair installment lastly shouldn't that of corrected my problem ? because it hasn't , So now my only thoughts to correct my problem is a reformat , unless you can suggest otherwise ? Thanks
  9. Hi ... It doesn't matter which broswer I use , samething with IE or Firefox , Though before this problem arise when ever I use my broswer IE would load a webpages within 1 or 2 seconds ... I'm thinking either system restore or reformat ... Thanks
  10. Hi ... I hope someone can help , first off I never had this problem before , it just started happening in the last few weeks , My problems is when ever I start up the computer or reboot the computer and go to use the broswer , doesn't matter which one ( IE or Firefox ) It now takes over a half a minut to load any webpages , Now it only happen when I first use the broswer , afterwards it would work like it does normanly , loading a webpage within a sec or 2 ... Also now notice that sometimes I get the pages can't not be display screen , this doesn't happen often , Though this also never used to happen before either , Could someone explain as to why now the broswer when used at the beginning is takening a lot longer to load webpages ??? This is what I have done so far and what I have ... First I have the following , AVG Pro , Sygate Pro , spyblocker , spywarestopper , ad aware pro , spywareblaster , spybot , they are all up to date ... I have ran these programs in safe mode and normal , I have done some removal of apps that have nothing to do with windows with HJT , Lastly I have done a repair instatement of the operating system , Now again this problem ONLY happen when I first use the broswer for the first time from either a start up or reboot , Afterward once I get my first webpages the broswer will load webpages within 1 or 2 seconds , Now its not because of start up programs , I am just going nuts trying to figure it out ... I have xp pro full retail version with sp2 and I have had sp2 since it was available ... Thanks goes to anyone with suggestion ...
  11. Phoenix_nf You betcha i am , Thanks , Infact I have my first problem that would like to recieve some help on , just got to find the right room for my question , if I get it wrong would the kind moderator correct it , Thanks
  12. Hi .. I am not sure as to whether this site has been posted here already because I am new here , I just came by it the other day and I thought its one to have in your favorites https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/ehowes/www/main-nf.htm
  13. Me Me Me ... I'm new here and I would just like to say hi >>> Hi !!!
  14. Hi ... XP Pro is doing the trick for me now , I can wait it out for a least a year or so

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