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  1. aero glass can date way back to vistas alpha, longhorn 4074 i believe is the first iteration of aero glass. other than that, not sure who came up with it. start8 by stardock is the only start menu app that can apply the reflection image to the taskbar i think but the start8 is pretty lackluster compared to others like startisback
  2. windows 10 is weird and uses different title bar heights for different applications, its quite annoying. it will happen with most applications that use the base title bar. some other applications like an installer breaks it too, it seems to be a limitation.
  3. unfortunately i dont know how to make my own custom taskbar using msstyles. ive seen some people create a windows xp start button before, i just dont know what application allows you to apply it. the taskbar and start button itself are skinnable, im not sure if the buttons and open applications are skinnable. no, i didnt use classicshell to pull this off. i used startisback they both do the same or similar things except i prefer startisbacks functionality and its start menu is much prettier
  4. this is what i used to try perfect the caption buttons, your version sadly blurs them which looks awful and the window corners arent rounded like my modified version. startisback is the only application i know of that skins the taskbar to look like windows 7. iirc, it uses msstyles to do it directly. ive been using it ever since i got windows 10 when it was released and its not broken anything. its a solid piece of software and i think its the best start menu replacement out there.
  5. i didnt consider peak when i was editing it. it doesnt bother me too much
  6. ive modified a theme atlas i have downloaded from here (most credit goes to him): http://www.deviantart.com/art/Theme-Atlas-Collection-for-Windows-10-14393-658193357 this is as close as i have been able to get windows 10 look like windows 7, the rounded corners and the buttons are pixel crisp with no blurriness. only exception is some windows that dont use a border radius and modernframe. im also using this windows 7 theme to skin the ui elements, using the atlas ive modified over the top. Aero 7 Themes for Win10 Final m win7atlas.zip
  7. doesnt really answer his question, you need an acompanying .layout file with the atlas png for the theme to look correct. just make sure the .layout file is there then simply select the .png the same way as you did before. also note that the .layout must be designed for windows 10 as ones made for windows 8 dont work.
  8. i still have the problem, yes.
  9. hi, ive been trying to donate so i can get rid of the watermark but every time i do so, i get this error: i have used multiple browsers and all have the same outcome. am i doing something wrong?
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