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  1. running program.exe bring up a cmd promt with the title c:/program files/winrar/program.exe wtf!?
  2. im trying to make a program run during my start.cmd. heres what i got ECHO. ECHO Installing Winrar 3.42 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\winrar\winrar.exe /s COPY "%systemdrive%\install\winrar\program.exe" "%systemdrive%\Program Files\WinRAR" COPY "%systemdrive%\install\winrar\Rarreg.key" "%systemdrive%\Program Files\WinRAR" ECHO The winrar crack will now run just press ok! and then OK on the popup Then EXIT PAUSE start /wait %systemdrive%\program files\WinRAR\program.exe but as you may know i get an error saying that c:/program is not found. the error is the the space in program files. i tried program%20files but nothing willl work please help

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