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  1. First of all, sorry for not reading the entire thread, I stopped at page 5. I wonder if Microsoft might make your 8.1 license no longer valid when you "upgrade"? I think arguments of "they wouldn't dare do that" are all pretty much moot. -Noel I can confirm that the Windows 8.1 license is still valid after having upgraded to Windows 10 then having reverted to a clean install of Windows 8.1. That's what I've just done in the past 4 or 5 days (upgrading, screaming YUCK!!!, trying to use the embedded 'go back to my previous system' and being denied the fact, then reinstalling everything from scratch). Speak of a blissful week! Also, I have learnt in the past days that once the upgrade to Windows 10 is done on a system during that one-year free upgrade period, and the system has been reverted to a previous version, it can later be upgraded again to Win 10. This is reportedly due to the product key system being replaced by an "entitlement" system. This hints at the reason why I have performed a web search, and landed on this thread. After the clean install of Win 8.1 I have just done, I haven't installed a single WU update yet. I've only reinstalled the programs that I had been forced to install in Program Files (and not in a distinct folder on a separate drive). I now have 209 important updates (including MS Office) and 15 optional (not sure this is the exact term used in English versions - its written "facultatif" in my French system) ones. Of all the items in the list that @dencorso provided in the opening post, I could only see KB2976978, KB3035583, KB3044374 (adhering to NoelC's stance, I'll let this one through), and KB3046480. Side note: am I the only one to lament the fact that WU entries can't be filtered or searched? (In versions prior to Win 10 since that system no longer gives you any choice as to whether to install an update or not). I can't see: KB3022345, KB3050267, KB3065988, KB3068708, KB3075249, KB3075851 and KB3080149. Is this normal? Because the problem with my case is that no WU installation has occurred yet. So the "hide one, some won't show up" hypothesis cannot apply.
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