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  1. So you mean the menu bar, if you want to remove the menu bar click on Organize in the command bar, then uncheck menu bar in the Layout options. Alternatively Uncheck always show menus in the folder options. Hmm, tried unticking that to no avail. Not sure what's going on around here apart from the fact that I upgraded from Windows 7.
  2. Which is kinda' strange as most of the screenshots that use ONE had the menu bar hidden. Even if I applied a custom theme that had screenshots showing Explorer with ONE enabled, the "File, Edit..." menu's still there. Also, to further elaborate on things, this one, which appears to be from a clean Windows 10 installation, didn't have the aforementioned menu present unless if a user presses Alt: But in my case I get this even on a default theme, and without any hacks/tweaks enabled:
  3. ONE works 'swell on my Windows 10 Pro installation, but my only gripe here so far is that I couldn't get to hide the command bar: Screenshot I've just upgraded to 10 from Windows 7 Ultimate, if it helps, and for the record I haven't used any explorer tweaks prior to or after using ONE.

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