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  1. Hi, I understand what the CUs are but I thought MS still made individual updates available? For example the ULZ here allows one to download individual updates post the 2016 cumulative update. It actually has one of the ones I am interested in excluding but not the other because it was release just before MS create the first convenience rollup. I have also seen live stream patches that prevent specific updates (e.g. tracking/telemetry or meltdown patch) from being downloaded so the individual files must still exist, no? Thank you.
  2. Hello Thanks for putting this file together. I have been looking for a source of all Windows 7 updates post SP1 (vs. rollups) as there are a few KBs I would like to exclude (that are now built in to the rollups). I was hoping your file would do that. Unless I am missing something the latest file (4/12/19) show only one convenience roll up and one security rollup (vs. all the KBs release post SP1 individually). Was this by design? Thank you.

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