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  1. Hi just wanted to thank you for this great Software and fast replies ! i installed 1.4.1 and everything (modernframe too !!! ) is working correctly. Awesome. BIG THANKS 4 THIS GREAT PIECE OF SOFTWARE ! :)
  2. Modernframe only works on Windows Apps. Firefox and Internet Explorer is not apps I KNOW THAT ! - But modernframe itself is NOT working for me ! ( on modern APPS i know) Thats not really a problem for me, but Aeroglass isnt looking correctly on - Taskbar on Startup ( after first click anywhere on screen its looking perfectly) - Firefox (and no it has nothing to do with Version 40 / at any theme - and Internet Explorer The glass effect is the same bad as postet picture from the guy i replyed. - Windows 10 x64 (10240) no modified system / no default atlas theme installed ! can / shou
  3. You must had recently updated firefox to v40 as I faced that same problem to when I updated firefox. As firefox had changed it UI to match Windows 10 looks. But if you install add-on "Classic Theme Restorer" it has a option to bring back it previous UI which will fix those buttons problem. As you see on my screenshot. thank you! the only problem now are these bugs of aero glass that you see in the screen Same Problem here. (like in left picture) No modified system - Aeroglass 1.4 just in maximized window . . . Firefox + Internet Explorer look bad Modernframe is absolutely not showin
  4. Hello people, i´ve donated to Aeroglass and wanted to thank you for this great Addon ! - i have an feature request: Could you implement an option Where the glass color is exactly the same like windows dark glass ? ( under options - Start menü etc. without color) - Im on Windows 10 build 10240 - everything is working fine with your debug build - keep on the great work !
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