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  1. Hello everyone! I believe this might be my first or 2nd/3rd time posting here, but I was here since Windows 10 beta stage (then switched back to W7) for 2 years. Recently I'm back in W10 and tried to use the installer only to find out it didn't work because of MS and the new update. I tried the instructions joeberardis talked about but it didn't work for me at all. (replacing the .dll, download the zip, uninstall, use the scheduler as admin) I'm wondering if someone can be kind enough to walk me through the entire process with the files once more. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, as I've tried to follow every step, including deleting aeroglass from my regedit. Also I will like to get that Noel's theme if possible. Can someone be kind enough to give me a hand? Thank you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: I've finally figured how to do this. Now I just need to figure it out for the task bar....
  2. Can you explain more? or direct link? (imma be start reading the other thread for it now at the same time)
  3. wow how do you get your task bar to be clear(non-color tinted) like that? can you share the secret?
  4. Hi everyone. I've been this forum for a while and first of all thank you BM for all the hard work and everyone else who's been providing advices and answering questions. I also have a question myself: how do I make the aero glass to be non-color tinted so it looks frosty like the W7 style?

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