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  1. 2k3 server vpn problems

    anyone?? please,,, help
  2. do you know the diference between the 2?
  3. 2k3 server vpn problems

    another thing that this server is not allowing is a remote desktop conection from the wan address. its a simular situation to the VPN problem, i can remote login from anywhere on the lan but as soon as i point the address to 203.xxx.xxx.xxx it times out with a unreachable message. I have tripple checked the modem settings (and even tried a backup modem). I am 100% sure the modem is not blocking ANY traffic from the internet to the server. The problem is defenately in the server and it seems to be caused by new security features in SP1. I'd really like someone to confirm this theory and then offer a workaround
  4. 2k3 server vpn problems

    Just checked the reg, and the value is set to 4. any other possabilities??
  5. 2k3 server vpn problems

    The server is not running any 3rd party firewall, only the built in firewall. It has been configured to allow tcp port 1723 on (the card the modem is connected to). The hardware firewall has been disabled and the modem is set to a pass through configuration (in other words i dont think its the modem). The thing that is anoying me is that this machine is only being bench tested before we roll over the actual server to sp1 and as far as i can tell, all RRAS and firewall settings are identical (obviously the existing non sp1 server is working fine as a vpn server). Its for that reason that im blaming a security update in sp1 that requires aditional setting in order to get the vpn running correctly. P.S I used a MS guide for configuring the VPN after the 'memory setup method' failed. Still no joy
  6. 2k3 server vpn problems

    Initially the RRAS Basic firewall blocked WAN access and resulted in "Error 800: No connection" from any computers trying to establish a VPN connection to the server. After the firewall was configured to run with VPN server, a calling PC will connect but then get an "Error 721" which seems to be an authentication issue. This Error only occurs when dialling in from outside the LAN. Internally there are no errors when pointing the VPN 'dialler' to If however you try to dial from outside the LAN, or try to connect from inside the LAN using the WAN IP address of the server ie 203.xxx.xxx.xxx it results in Error 721...
  7. Can anyone please confirm for me that 2003 server with SP1 installed will NOT allow a vpn conection??? I have been pulling my hair out a SP1 is the only thing left that could be stopping the connection. P.S. I have set up VPN's in the past, there is no 3d party fire wall and windows firewall is set for VPN ports to open. Oh one last thing, the VPN works from the lan, just not the wan. and the modem is setup as a pass through DMZ. PLEASE HELP,,,,ANYONE
  8. Some cool tricks with 2003 server

    can you tell me how to get VPN working on 2k3 standard with SP1 installed?
  9. Planning to format

    why not just run a dual boot?