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  1. Hello there! This is my FIRST post. Sub: Can't get 3rd party themes installed, no matter what!!? I've used Windows XP, Vista and Seven in the past, patched a lot of features(yeah, messed up a few times) and protected system files to enable different features. So patching 'uxtheme.dll' and files related to it wasn't that hard on XP, Vista and Seven. But Windows 8.1 is making me feel totally sick. I mean, I've tried using 'Uxstyle' and 'UltraUxThemePatcher' separately on different occasions. I got Aeroglass 8.1 installed. Used the Registry tweaks given here (in their download) [http://xxinightxxcreative.weebly.com/free-windows-aero.html]to match windows 8's aero glass view with as of windows 7. Got some really cool themes. For starters that was enough, right? But here starts my head ache. Aeroglass 8.1 works perfectly, I even took a few atlas images from a great post on this website. They were awesome. But the problem is that these Themes won't work. When I apply them all the caption buttons appear on the titlebar in distorted shapes. Some themes won't even show any caption buttons. Everything else is finr. The buttons, sounds and all. I'm pretty sure that I've done everything as it was said in many websites on the internet. Like.. 1) www.makeuseof.com/tag/make-windows-8-8-1-look-like-windows-7-xp/ 2) www.blog.laptopmag.com/make-windows-8-like-windows-7 Along with a few videos on YouTube. And it worked for almost everyone but me! I run a Windows 8.1 64 bit, with 1 GB VRAM and a CORE i5 processor on a laptop. I've done all the patching while connected to a power source and on High performance. So, I'd be really grateful if someone helps me out with this. Regards.

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