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  1. I am sure I will be stating the obvious here, however I have yet to see this stated here among all these complex instructions. Setup Controller Command-Line Help setup.exe /admin - Launch the Office Customization Tool /adminfile <admin file> - Specify a Customization patch or folder containing a customization path /config <config file>- Specify a config.xml file /modify <product ID>- Enter maintenance mode for product. /repair <product ID> - Repair product /uninstall <product ID> -Uninstall product Hope this helps.
  2. Vista 5308 Install Issue

    I have had problems in the past when the partition was created while using a BART environment (not PE). I can not recall the specifics however do you think it is some sort of permisions issue?....Prob not since you guys seem to all have similar hardware, but in the event the new release did nothing to remedy..... ;> how many versions of NTFS are there now? Would a partition created in older partitioning software create a partition that Vista would snubb?
  3. LH Under the Hood

    recap cause Vista acts the same as 5048 here...... When installing if done from command prompt, or run, the /noreboot switch will create the usual ~bt and ~ls files on the system drive. Also created are a boot folder and a drive letter assignment file. (or whatever it's called). In the ~bt folder if you modify the bmp file for winpe it changes the background for part of the installation. Actually I believe it is the temp desktop for pe. Anyway the same holds true for this version as 5048. You can add things to the setup folder in the ~bt\sources\Panther\setup\ and they will be copied to the root of the target install drive. Also of interest is the shift+F10 option to invoke a command window durring install. start taskmgr from there and browse throught the items you added to the setup folder. Copy them to the correct keys in the registry with regedit for runonce on the fly! :blink:
  4. Where is the prob?

    if the file extension is .iso then rt click the file and open with nero. If however you open nero first then from the drop down menu File click open then navigate to the iso file and double click it. when it opens in nero be sure that multi session is not checked. If emulation shows be sure it is set for no emulation. I have never had to check any of this because the file has always burned as is and worked. Did you say that other bootable disks did or di not work on these same pc's? Try opening the iso file in isobuster or ultraiso and see if boot files are present. ????
  5. Where is the prob?

    does your burning program incorporate the boot bin file. Did it set for floppy emulation or none...I could go on and on with the questions here. Rather I will direct you to http://www.tweaksforgeeks.com/Setup_Barts_PE.html also what version are you using? Try using the older versions ie, 3.1.0 or 3.1.2. Further you may need to modify the setting to prompt "press any key to...." and last are you bios settings correct/capable of a cd boot?
  6. LH Under the Hood

    postin from lh here...I noticed that folders and files added to the source folder of the iso will copy over to the root of the boot partition...however the install fails becase the iso was modified. So where then would one put the unattend.xml. This is probly just isolated to this release and were upgrade functional ....anyway...
  7. botwim.sys

    .I.n.t.e.r.n.a.l.N.a.m.e...b.o.o.t.w.i.m...s.y.s... You are so very correct. Pardon my carelessness.
  8. botwim.sys

    Ok so the install.wim gets copied to the target drive in a folder named sources, in the $windows.~LT file. It is also referenced in the setupinf file in the panther folder as the source during setup. Onlinedeploy.cmd...??? During setup the logged on user is "winkey + L" "SYSTEM"
  9. LH Under the Hood

    Ok there was one reboot during the install and I took the oportunity to return to the xp environment and have a look. Did I mention that I modified the boot.ini default back to my xp pro . Anyway since last post upon initial reboot I rcved a red screen....reset then held down f5 key....the screnn bounced a couple of times and I could see the choices were legacy pre longhorn and longhorn ...longhorn was highlighted and off she went. Back to the gathering info screen only this time step 2 was highlighted. At the end there was the countdown and returned to xp. A look at the target drive showed various new folders. Will share if anyone is interested.
  10. LH Under the Hood

    Ok thought I'd post some things. Most of this may be common knowledge by now, or maybe not. It was news to me. /noreboot switch works with 5048.... (did xcopy of boot drive as backup first) mounted lh iso then at run command or command prompt "drv ltr"\sources\setup /noreboot after entering some info setup counted down then disapeared. Saying come back in 15 minutes. Anyway I then created a folder called root and a folder called Trgt. I xcopyed (w/switches) my boot drive with the boot.ini to the root folder and the target drive (the one with the ~ls folder to the Trgt file. I am entering this post before reboot. Changes in boot.ini file..... new switches apear after the boot entry. Some are familiar such as /noexecute=optin and /Fastdetect but here are some new ones..... /USENEWLOADER /DETECTHAL /MININT The ~bt folder looks like a pe disk ready to be burned... well hope this is info someone can use....I'm off to reboot....will post more info as I go. I used alcohol120 created a virtual drive. On that drive I mounted the iso created 2 clean partitions. so I now have c: d: e: f: g: h: c=boot d:=xp pro e:= f:= g:= h:= i:=dvd usb j:= alc 120 mounted lh iso made folder on e:\rootbk xcopied w/switches c: to rootbk made folders on f:\root and f:\trgt and f:\trgt2 plan is to install to H: as the trgt drive while in the XP environment. Now have a backup of boot partition, so from a cmd window or from the run box navigate to the iso drive.... j:\ change dir to sources j:\sources\ enter "setup /noreboot" then enter the info it asks....first choice read or install... install.... next enter key....self explanitory..... next click on install location and I chose drive H:.... computer name...left it as is... click continue.... it copied files...then came to a countdown...after the countdown the install window disapeared. C:\ ....now had the *****.~BT file and some others H:\ had the ****.~LT file and others. also noted were the new switches in the boot.ini file .... will post more details if anyone is interested. Get off the fence and quit playin with the models VM and VPC and Get those hands a little dirty with some real installs whistle.gif as you may have guessed the root folder was quickly filled with the xcopied contents of c: and the trgt was filled with the contents of H:...I know it only apears to be the install.wim file but wait til next boot!.....also if you modify the boot.ini file while still in xp change the countdoun time as well as the default....install doesn't change it back it asumes that the file is untouched and holds your choice change of default. Anyone care to attempt adding the contents of the "root" file and "trgt" file to a PE disk...or even xcopy from a xp environment...root to the boot drive and trgt to the target drive. Both including the $drvltr$ . I know this could all be automated with an xml but what fun is that?
  11. botwim.sys

    hi all anyone else interested in what is going on under the hood of the wim files. At first glance via hex editor I noticed it referenced an internal name of botwim.sys. Anyway if I am out of line here I apaologize if not perhaps this could be a place to share findings relating to wim files. edit... Sorry actually a hex edit of the file "fs_ext.sys" in the boot folder of the lh5048 iso showed reference to the internal file name botwim.sys. Further, none of the search engines will regurgitate any info in relation to such a file. Hmm?