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  1. 34, Married 4 years, 1 boy, makes leaving work easy, and going to work hard! Guess we have the same mentality...


    but at least I am one of those few lucky people who know they wont get screwed once they actually tie the knot

    lol, not after 2 years anyway!

  2. I have the same issue with Dell laptop. Prompts to install driver during unattended install. Looking for PnP monitor. If I just ignor this message, setup continues eventually, and the driver seems to be installed correctly- i.e. generic PnP monitor with no exclaimation marks under Device Manager.

    If I use the Dell restore disk, the exact same drivers are used, i.e. generic PnP monitor.

    For me, this only happens on Dell laptops. What causes this prompt, I have no idea, but if I ignor it, the installation completes unattendedly as usual.

  3. There is a similar problem with excludes. If you have 2 apps that exclude each other, there is inconsistant behavior with the drop down defaults menu. If I take the excludes out, the behavior is as I would expect. I have Office for use on and off campus, and they have different configurations, so I would prefer for user to not have the option to choose both.

  4. Considering the fact that this PC had a virus, I would vote in favour of a rebuild. In my experience, this is often the quickest way to resolve issues where the root cause is difficult to identify. The last thing I would try is uninstalling the NIC, rebooting and then reinstalling when it is picked up by XP, just in case the virus attacked the IP stack, or just plain got corrupted. It may also be worth talking to the Comms guys who disconected you, in case they have not re-enabled the port properly. Good luck mate, from University of Cardiff.

  5. We use the same sort of driver structure as seen in Bâshrat the Sneaky's DriverPacks, and we can fit a lot within the 255 character constraint. E.g:


    And so on...

    We are however looking at developing a WINPE solution over the next 12 months.

    Do you mean the method described here: http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/drivers/cd.htm

    Yes, this is what I was refering to.

  6. Hi Rasmus

    Yes, I have had the same challenge (not allowed to call them problems). You have serveral options:

    *Shorten the names of the driver folder- obvious I know!

    *Change your boot up environment from DOS to WINPE so that you have a 32 bit environment to start Windows XP installation- 255 character limit no longer applies.

    *Use method 2 of the device driver installation methods where it automatically parses the driver directory for drivers during the installation. No path in unattend.txt required.


  7. Going on the limited information supplied, I am assuming the the other PCs are trying to connect to a share on this XP PC in a Microsoft file and print sharing environment?

    *Check that this PC has Microsoft file and print sharing enabled in the TCP/IP settings on the NIC.

    *If enabled, make sure that the Server service is started. If not start it, and also the Computer Browser service. Sharing relies on the Server service. It may be worth manually stopping and starting this service, and then trying to connect to it with another PC.

    *Check the permissions on the share. You may need to uncheck the simple file sharing to get access to the security settings.

    *Try connecting by IP address, i.e. \\ip_address\share_name

    Sorry if this is not your setup, or if I am overstating the obvious. What university?

  8. I'm not too sure if this is a bug, or a change in behavior, but the following is happening:

    * I check the Default check box for an application that has a dependency on another application, that also has the Default check box checked.

    * When I save and then "Select Defaults" from the drop down menu, the check box for the application that has the dependency remains unchecked.

    * When I remove the dependency, and "Select Defaults" from the drop down menu, the application is now checked as I would expect.

    Am I missing something here? I would like both applications to be installed by default.

  9. Patchlink gets my vote, in the middle of doing an assessment of these products for work. WSUS is ok in in a smaller environment or where feedback on who has taken what, is not an issue. WSUS just pushes the patches, etc out, whereas Patchlink actually reports on the status of a patch rollout, ie, who is still vulnerable. It is also platform independant in so far as it can service Macs, Linux, Unix, etc. If you have a purely M$ environment and a load of brusters, and wanted to know what PCs had not taken the patches, SMS would be a good bet. In our environment we support 10-15 000 PCs, so we need to know where out vulnerablities lie.

  10. These are the stages:

    *Create a boot disk with the LAN drivers you require, and use it to boot to the network.

    *Logon using the NET LOGON command as Martin Zugec suggested.

    *Map a drive to your Ghost image share using the NET USE command.

    *Restore your image.

    If you use the boot disk I pointed you to earlier, it prompts to logon, and map a drive, so all you will need to do is create a little batch file to restore the image, or do it manually by executing the DOS ghost executable.

    A little advise- make sure your boot disk, or image batch file loads the mouse driver if you intend to restore the image manually.



  11. Henk

    Hoe gaan dit?

    Sound very good, but can you please let me know HOW you extracted and included it in nLite?

    Download latest driver.

    Use WinRAR to extract these files. If WinRAR is installed on your PC, just right click on the exe and go to "extact here".

    When using nLite, to add the driver, just point to these extracted files.

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