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  1. i did autoenter to the .osc files in ris and it worked . thanks for the logic
  2. well its the ghost tahts trying to see the lock of the HDD. i dont think its winpe. somebody had suggested that the pagefile size in winbom.ini to be set to zero. i tried that it didnt work. but i noiced that i dont face this error when there is adequate hdd space. this is only a practical xperience of mine. i would appreciate any correct solution.
  3. am booting winpe thru RIS. the client system starts with a client installtion wizard. i need to key in the administrator name , password , hit enter and finally takes me to winpe. any idea how to automate this process so that the clint pc automatically logs in to winpe. appreciate a fast reponse
  4. When gost tries to push the image of the client pc to the server, it gives an error thta the destination drive is locked. However i havnt done anything like locking the drive. Any Phewww!! answers?!
  5. When i automate gost32 in Winpe thru RIS, i receive an error 643 the destination drive cannot be locked. Any idea how to overcome this error.
  6. thats right. i posted that. copying winbom to the root of i386 doesnt show the pop up box.
  7. copy winbom.ini from i386 to the root folder where i386 is present. this will solve ur problem
  8. with win 2003 serverits enough if you a single image. i work win 2003 and the microsoft article proved successful. but as i said there are problems with different network adapters. winpe doesnt start on a ibm oc having intel pro 100 onboard lan. well certain sites have given some tips like creating $oem$ folder inside i386 folder....................but in vain. any successful attempts from genius?!!
  9. I configured Win2003 RIS with WinpE xp image. When the client system boots it say unable to display OS choices from RISserver. Can someone explain the entire step how to configure RIS . i have winPE cd

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