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  1. Implied in the other two responses is, "Yes, and the software is trying to give the code to you." What's the problem, do you want to use it on more computers than you got keys for? It's online activation insofar as one can't publish the key and be a "hacker hero". Is there a problem with that? -Noel Sorry for the late reply. I'm not a fan of DRM. I'd like to be able to use this software on any PC offline.
  2. In order for the key to work you need to submit a machine code
  3. I donated to the glass8 app but I didn't relized it used online DRM. Is there a way around this. I'd like to PM big mucles but I can't for some reason. I the site might be broken.
  4. Thanks I just might do that. The donation page doesn't really specify that. I'm more then happy to pay for good programs, but the page doesn't actually say that it will disable that nag.
  5. Hey there, I read the !!!Read First!!! post in it you mentioned that this guide http://glass8.eu/support.php to help you get rid of the water mark but there's nothing there that mentions it. I like this aero glass program, but I don't want the water mark or the "This is a free version" message appearing. I can't figure out to buy it and the donation page specificity says that donating will not upgrade your current version. Could you please help me.

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