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  1. Hello. i am haiving similar problems, though not with passwords. When i boot my new disk after Formatting the Drive the screen with Windows Xp and the Bar that moves left to right comes up and then the computer auto restarts. Does Anyone know why and a fix for this.
  2. I have used Bashrats Drivers ( Very Good Work ) However after making my partition on my Sata Harddisk it says Copying Files and im getting loads of errors, I Pressed ESC to ignore these errors and it proceeded with the restart however after starting up it should go to the screen that shows the minutes left etc. for the completion of the re-installation of xp however its getting stuck on a blue screen and not moving on from it :S , Any Help would be great guys. - L i t h i u m - PS. Im a Noob. Go Easy on Me B)
  3. Hello everyone. I am new to the boards so hopefully i can learn from you and provide you with new ideas. at the moment i have a really big problem though i am trying to create a windows xp professional disk with service pack 2 and my sata and raid drivers for my motherboard "Asus P4P800-E Deluxe", however it seems to not be reading the Drivers from the folder and when i put in the disk it says i have no Hard Disk to install Xp on , This is a problem because its my gaming,work pc which i use alot and this pc that im currently on SUX Thanks In Advance - Lithium -
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