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  1. I'm not sure if by "Home Users" you mean the Home Premium install or the typical Windows 7 user (most of which are using Professional). If the former, it's not aimed exactly at that installation - my source media for testing the install is a Professional install. The only computers (and users) I have access to are not typical, as I don't know anyone who uses anything but Professional installations. That being said, I haven't aimed the list at anyone in particular, I just tried to compile a list of updates from Windows Update and then add them to the update list so that it would be more complet
  2. I've made an editted version of the Windows 7 x64 update list available from http://www.windowsupdatesdownloader.com/UpdateLists.aspx. I slipstreamed those updates into a Service Pack 1 installer, and then added what Windows Update deemed missing. I was not able to add all of the updates, some required downloading through Windows Update (mostly stuff for the Windows 10 upgrade). I also restructured the list to better differentiate what some of the updates were for. I made IE updates a separate category since I have to remove IE8 from my installer and add the IE 11 installer in NTLite. I added
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