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  1. Oh wow, I didn't see this on my first glance. AppInit_DLLs has the value "C:\AEROGL~1\ModernFrame.dll" so I just delete that part? Thinking back I'm sure I never tinkered with my registry for Aero Glass. I'm not sure why this is there and why uninstalling didn't get rid of it. Well nothing to worry about I guess.
  2. Thank you! That task was still there. As for the Registry Editor, I don't recall if I modified something there but I don't see anything related to Aero Glass. What should I look for? And is there anything from the Aero Glass folder I should hold on to, like my donation.key?
  3. Unfortunately, like many others the Anniversary Update completely broke Aero Glass (constant display driver crashes causing the screen to flicker, ctrl+alt+delete opening up a blank grey screen that I can't get out of, a random black screen eventually appearing over my desktop that I can't get out of, artifacts where the top border of a window used to be transparent, etc) so I decided to uninstall it until we get an update. I uninstalled it which immediately fixed the display issues, reverted to an earlier build, and reinstalled the Anniversary Update. Everything seems ok, but I'm just curious, is simply uninstalling it from the control panel enough? From what I understand, this software deeply imbeds itself into the OS, so I just want to make sure so I don't have any problems with future updates with Windows, or Aero Glass.
  4. Hi guys! I really love how Aero Glass looks with Windows 10. But I'm wondering, is there a way to get rid of these transparent borders around the edge of the start menu and system tray? I'd rather have it just end at the edge of the black part. Here is what I'm talking about: Thanks!
  5. Anyone test the latest Aero Glass build on the official Windows 10 release (not technical preview)? About to upgrade just wondering if it supports it or not. Thanks!
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