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  1. Im using a sentey ds1 4246. It has 2 coolers (i put an 140mm one.) in the back part , and 1 in the front. 2 on the left side.
  2. No , im not overclocking. Here are the temp with other programs.
  3. Like a week ago i buy a new pc , Fx 6300 , Saphire r9 270 dual x , 4gb ddr3 1600mhz ram , 960gm vgs3 fx , etc. The problem is the temperature , i use speedfan to check the temp and it marks in the "cpu" 48º , 50º in idle , i also check it with other programs like Core temp and HWMonitor and they say 30º or 35º. When i play bf3 the ºc rises up to 70º and there is when the lag spikes appears. I have a stock cooler , is this the problem? Sorry for my english , this isn't my native language. Btw there are the images. Idle: Running Bf3:

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