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  1. Hello, I have had some problems with games on my Thinkpad T-21, I am not sure if this is only for OpenGL or also direct3D The video side is about glitches, in Half-Life, Unreal gold, Unreal Tour GOTY and I think also Serious Sam, and who knows what other games I may install later that get the glitch. half-life only has the glitch in OpenGL mode unrealgold/UT/serious sam has it in all modes, I am going to patch unrealGold to 277I to see if it fixes anything. The glitch I am talking about is: objects/structures glitch through planes, For example: A dead body is ontop of roof, you walk under
  2. Hello, yes, thanks for the help, but the problem solved itself for whatever reason when I turned it on after 2 days without power and the battery removed. Z-CPU: Intel Pentium III 800Mhz "Real speed": 796.6Mhz Family: 6 Ext: 6 model: 8 ext: 8 Stepping: A Multiplier: X8.0
  3. Hello reader, I've got a windows 98 SE problem: I installed windows 98 on a Thinkpad T-21 which has a Pentium III around 600 Mhz if not more, a few days later I moved the hdd to an other laptop, a Compaq Armada E500 and windows started to install and (I think) change cpu drivers, it suddenly talked about 'installing Pentium II stuff bla.' A few hours later I moved it back to the T-21 and those E500 drivers are still there ! Z-cpu now only gives 200mhz ! and it is really slowing down the laptop, I only expirienced this recently for some reason, (I did the driver swapping a few days ago.) Co
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