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  1. With the 30/11/2014 list I'm getting: "Windows6.1-KB2970228-x64.msu" was not found on the remote server. This file will be skipped. That's for Win7, x64.
  2. Pardon the noob question, but I can't seem to find a specific answer to this with search. First: thank you so much for keeping these lists updated! When I download all security and non-security updates on the list and slipstream them, then install the OS from the image onto a new PC and then run Windows Updates on it, I get about a dozen security and non-security updates that aren't on the list. I checked http://h20229.www2.hp.com/Radia/Patch_management/data/info/bulletins/muc_bulletins.html to make sure those updates weren't superseded, which they are not. I also checked to make sure they were fixing Windows components and not other software -- according to their KB pages, they are updates to Windows. Should I list those updates here? Why wouldn't they be in the WUD list? Thank you!

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