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  1. Haven't tried that yet... there was no software with the jumpdrive, but there was software for my zip drive and my printer, which also show up under the icon. What i don't understand is how the icon disappeared in the first place. I somehow got my volume control back, but not my safe removal. I'll try reinstalling the software for the zip drive though... Good call, red_house any other ideas in case that doesn't work, ne1?
  2. Hey. I have the opposite problem. I'm dreadfully paranoid of killing my 128 MB JumpDrive or Zip 100 (yes, i know they aren't that great, but i love them both anyway) and somehow, i lost my safe removal icon. I installed McAfee internet security suite yesterday, and *poof* it was gone. Does anybody know how i can get it back? I've tried setting it to always show, i've restarted about a billion times now, and i'm even exploring my startup programs in an effort to put it in there. The only thing I've noticed that's different is that there are far fewer instances of "svchost.exe" running. Could this have something to do with it? Oh and i lost my volume icon too... I would like it back, and have already tried many things, but it's not all that important to me in the long run... Thanks in advance...

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