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  1. The link to office2003-sp3-x86.ulz takes you to a page with this message 'We could not find the attachment you were attempting to view'.
  2. It is easy to obtain ISOs of WIndows XP from bitorrent or from numerous blogspot sites, but this is a risky thing to do because maliceous code could be inserted into the ISOs to compromise your security. Other legitimate sources are no longer available because XP ISOs are no longer made available to MSDN/Technet subscribers and the Digital Rivers download site no longer exists as far as I can tell, although there are links available for Windows 7 ISOs from Digital River. However, if you can obtain the files names of the original XP downloads from MSDN/Technet along with their SHA1 or MD5 che
  3. Thanks to jaclaz and mukke for lending their expertise to this thread. The batch file provided by mukke looks interesting. I assume that you have to change into the HFSLIP directory before starting the batch file, although I cannot understand how HFSLIP itself contributes anything to the modification of sfcfiles.dll. I wonder what change is being made to the code for "%systemroot%\system32\drivers\tcpip.sys" inside sfcfiles.dll by mukke's batch file. Does it 00 out the first letter of the filename part of the path in sfcfiles.dll, or does it put a \ (plus a 00 to terminate the string) at t
  4. I looked at the article by Fred Vorck at http://www.vorck.com/windows/xpsp4.html and in the section called 'Random Notes' he recommends using Modifype to fix the headers of modified dlls so that they show an updated checksum, and WFP will not identify them as corrupt. As far as I can make out ModifyPE is intended to prevent the "File was not copied correctly" error during Windows setup using an installation CD with hacked system files that are slipstreamed into it. It may not aaddress the issue of of the hacked system files being detected as corrupt by WFP. Another approach advocated by E
  5. I intend to have WFP runining as normal with my Windows installation made with a slipstreamed installation CD. This seems like a good policy given my level of expertise. If the installation includes patched system files they may be overwritten when I run System File Checker. Unfortunately the Windows 2000/XP/2003 version of SFC does not ask the user if he wants to replace an incorrect system file in the way that the Win98SE version of SFC did.
  6. I have a patched version of tcpip.sys which enables 100 concurrent connection ports and I want to put it in my REPLACE\i386 folder. There could be a problem with this patched version of tcpip.sys in the installed XP being replaced when I run System File Checker. I assume that the file size would no longer tarry with the information in a security catalog. I wonder if there are addons for patched system files that would somehow make XP perceive them as legitimate and not be rejected by WFP. For instance, there is an addon offered at the RyanVM forum to allow the integration of patched dlls in
  7. I have previously attempted to use nLite, but with unsatisfactory results because it breaks things and unattended setup never seems to work the way I want it to. I know thousands of people swear by it, so the problem could be me. Anyway, I took the plunge with HFSLIP and the results have exceeded my expectations. I was skeptical about it's ability to slipstream WMP11 and IE8 after reading some comments in forums and articles online, especially as the official HFSLIP website does not inspire confidence in slipstreaming these items. I used these files in the HF folder -wmp11-windowsxp-x86-en
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