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  1. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    after the 1709 win10 update the option to hide the "folders" area from my computer isn't working anymore, there's a new folder displayed in it - 3d Objects. pls fix http://www.thewindowsclub.com/remove-3d-objects-folder-winows-10 this fixed it, but hopefully it will be in the tool... going through the registry for every tidbit, after windows reinstall, will be tedious enough.
  2. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    My task manager crashes randomly on its opening resetting its settings because of the OldNewExplorer apparently: taskmgr.exe, 6.3.9600.17415, 0x54503656OldNewExplorer64.dll,, 0x55c784f30xc00000050x000000000000441e0x1b400x01d15660525dd035C:\Windows\system32\taskmgr.exeD:\Program Files\_system utilits\win8.1 OldNewExplorer 1.1.7\OldNewExplorer64.dll902fa688-c253-11e5-8379-001e8c003689
  3. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    so is there a solution to my problem?:
  4. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    i'm using only the "show details pane on buttom" function for some reason it doesn't update images thumbnails, therefore images that weren't loaded before (or if image cache is cleared) aren't shown in the details pane, how to fix it? make it autoupdate thumbnales when i click on an image